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Quotes for
Danny Gisberts (Character)
from Darlings! (1984)

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Mama is boos! (1986)
Jane Fongler: [walks to John and Danny's house, while she is ringing the doorbell]
Mary: [from an audible distance] I wouldn't do that.
Jane Fongler: I want to talk to her.
Mary: I don't think that will help. Too much has happened.
Jane Fongler: That's why. And I was born under a lucky star.
[she turns back to the door. The door is open and Danny stands there. Jane is totally scared and wheezes]
Danny Gisberts: Oh boy, La Traviata herself. I don't talk to young women who ruin marriages. Who steal the father of my children. Have fun with that bastard!
[she closes the door: BAM!]
Mary: Leave her alone. You're only making things worse.
Jane Fongler: [angrily walks away]
Danny Gisberts: [decides to open the door and hits Jahn with a tennis racket] DIRTY SLUT!
[tries to strangle Jane with the racket and screams]
Mary: Danny, control yourself!
[pulls Danny from Jane]
Danny Gisberts: Stupid woman! If I ever see you again...!
Mary: [pushes Danny towards her house]

[while it is night... ]
Valentijn: [yelling from his sleeping room] Mommy, I can't sleep!
Danny Gisberts: [goes to his room]
Valentijn: Will daddy never come back?
Danny Gisberts: [emotional but controls herself pretty well] I don't know, darling. Daddy has been very mean to mommy. That's why mommy doesn't know if she wants him back. That's why mommy was mad. Now she's only sad, just like you.
Valentijn: Is it because I've been naughty?
Danny Gisberts: No, darling, definitely not.
[tries to make Valentijn stop worrying about his behaviour]
Danny Gisberts: It's because... because daddy...
Danny Gisberts: It's because of that bitch that's ruining my life!
Een buurman: [yelling] Shut up!

Valentijn: [enters John and Danny's sleeping room]
John Gisberts: [to Valentijn] You should knock, kid!
Valentijn: [comes back with a breakfast, especially made for daddy and momma]
Danny Gisberts, John Gisberts: Aaah
[showing appreciation]
John Gisberts: Breakfast...
[sees a drawing of a tiger]
John Gisberts: A tiger! Your such a darling. Don't you want anything?
John Gisberts: He already had breakfast, eh? Right, Valentijn?
Valentijn: I want a dog!
John Gisberts: No, they stink and shit everywhere.
Danny Gisberts: A telegram from your daughter.
[opens it and reads, partly Italian]
Danny Gisberts: Congratulazione, 20 years of marriage. Incredibile. Madelon, Dennis and little Gino.
John Gisberts: [gets an egg] An egg!
[tries to break the shell with a spoon. Then tries to hit the egg on a saucer. But the egg doesn't break, it is the saucer that does]
John Gisberts: [screaming] That fake egg again! Leave it in the chicken coop! I have told you that 100 times.
Valentijn: [angry] Jan-Julius got it, not me, dick!
Danny Gisberts: [condemning Valentijn's behaviour] Noh!
John Gisberts: Jan-Julius...
[stands up, hits the ceiling lamp with his head]
Danny Gisberts: John, control yourself!
John Gisberts: Shit!
[walks to Jan-Julius's room]
Danny Gisberts: John!
Jan-Julius Gisberts: [hiding a porn magazine]
John Gisberts: Good morning!
[got hit by that room's door]
John Gisberts: Happy anniversary, etc. etc. When you get the eggs, leave the stone egg in the chicken coop. Unless you do it on purpose. Put it back!
[throws the egg to Jan-Julius]
Jan-Julius Gisberts: [catches the egg] The chicken will be sitting on a stone, thinking it will become a chick. A bitch doesn't carry a big rock around for 9 months either.