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Erich Streator (Character)
from "The Twilight Zone" (1959)

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"The Twilight Zone: Living Doll (#5.6)" (1963)
Talky Tina: [winds doll and she moves back and forth] My name is Talky Tina, and I think I could even hate you.
[Erich looks at the doll and then flings her across the room; Tina lands on her back and Erich looks at the doll from where he stands. Tina then opens her eyes]
Talky Tina: My name is Talky Tina, and you'll be sorry.
Annabelle Streator: [Erich looks from the doll to Annabelle, who comes down the stairs and her eyes shift to Tina, obviously thrown on the floor. She backs up a bit, holding onto the stair rail] Why, Erich?
Erich Streator: I don't like what it says.
Annabelle Streator: You didn't have to throw it.
[she picks up the doll and Erich begins to walk over]
Erich Streator: It has quite the vocabulary.
[he takes the doll from Annabelle]
Erich Streator: Here, listen.
[he manipulates the doll to make her speak]
Talky Tina: My name is Talky Tina, and I love you very much.
[Erich stares at the doll]
Erich Streator: Yeah, well, that's not what it said a minute ago.
[he throws the doll back into Annabelle's arms and puts his hands on his hips]
Annabelle Streator: [walks away from Erich, clutching Tina] I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Erich Streator: Exactly what is it you're taking, Annabelle?
[she turns to him]
Annabelle Streator: Your anger toward Christie. I know you're having a difficult time adjusting to her, but I can't let you treat her this way. She's my daughter, Erich. I love her.
Erich Streator: [mockingly] "I love her." But I don't love her. I'm only her stepfather and I'm incapable of loving children because we can't have any of our own.
[face and voice show a small degree of amusement]
Erich Streator: Isn't that what you are saying, Annabelle?
Annabelle Streator: [slowly shaking her head] Oh, no, Erich, believe me, it's not. You could love Christie; I *know* you could. If you'd only give yourself half a chance.
Erich Streator: Good.
[goes to sit down and she follows him]
Erich Streator: I'm glad I'm not cold, cruel ogre that mommy and daughter think I am; I appreciate all the *faith* you have in me!
[looks down from his seated position]
Annabelle Streator: Erich, please give us a chance. Christie and me. I know you got more than you bargained for when you married me. Two for the price of one, wasn't it. But we'll do anything to make you happy - both of us.
Christie Streator: [offscreen] Daddy?
[Erich's eyes shift to Christie and she bounces down the stairs and comes over to him]
Christie Streator: I'm sorry, Daddy, if I made you mad.
Erich Streator: It's alright, Christie.
[he cusps her chin in his hand and rubs it]
Erich Streator: It's all Daddy's fault, okay?
Christie Streator: [smiles] Sure, Daddy.
Annabelle Streator: Here, dear.
[hands Christie the doll, who hugs the doll to her shoulder and turns to go back upstairs with Tina and winds the key to hear her speak]
Talky Tina: My name is Talky Tina and I love you very much.
[Erich turns his head from Christie to look stony-faced into the distance]

Christie Streator: [Christie is feeding Tina food and the camera pans to show Erich and Annabelle eating across from each other, on each side of Christie] Be a good girl, Tina, and eat your supper.
Erich Streator: Eat your own supper, Christie.
[Tina is shown with food on her mouth and she opens an eye to Erich, and then closes it]
Erich Streator: [subdued] Oh, I didn't know your doll could wink.
Christie Streator: Tina can't wink, Daddy.
Erich Streator: Really? I thought... never mind. Where'd you buy her?
[drinks from a teacup]
Annabelle Streator: [with a smile] Mason's. Should be a good playmate for Christie.
Erich Streator: Mmmhmm. Lacking a brother or sister; is that what you mean?
[mood and tone changes]
Annabelle Streator: I didn't say that.
Erich Streator: But that's why you bought the doll, isn't it? Sort of a reminder?
[drinks from teacup again]
Annabelle Streator: It hadn't occurred to me, but if that's what you want to think...
[she stands and the doorbell immediately rings and she goes to the door. As Christie is busy with Tina, Annabelle speaks again]
Annabelle Streator: It's Linda.
[Christie immediately turns back]
Annabelle Streator: Are you through with your dinner?
Christie Streator: Yes, Mommy. May I take Tina?
Annabelle Streator: Not outside. You can show her to Linda later.
[as Tina gets up and goes out and Annabelle is busy cleaning, Tina is moving on her own]
Talky Tina: My name is Talky Tina, and I'm beginning to hate you.
[Erich stares at her and wipes his mouth, then slowly goes to sit in Christie's chair and uses a napkin to wipe Tina's mouth]
Erich Streator: [mock kindness] My name is Erich Streator and I'm gonna get rid of you.
Talky Tina: [moving] You wouldn't dare!
Erich Streator: Oh? Wouldn't I?
[takes Tina and sits her in front of him on the table]
Talky Tina: Annabelle would hate you, Christie would hate you, and I would hate you.
[Erich chuckles, takes out a cigarette and Annabelle enters the room]
Erich Streator: [cigarette in his mouth] Just seeing how it works.
[takes out matches and lights one and flicks it at the doll]
Talky Tina: Ow!
[Erich chuckles a bit and lights his cigarette]
Erich Streator: So, you have feelings.
Talky Tina: Doesn't everything?
Erich Streator: Then I can hurt you.
Talky Tina: Not really, but I could hurt *you*.
Erich Streator: [laughs] Threats from a doll.
[Annabelle comes back in]
Annabelle Streator: Who're you talking to?