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Honeywell (Character)
from Porky's (1981)

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Porky's (1981)
Balbricker: [See's Miss Honeywell and Coach Brackett in the stairwell as she is about to come down] Miss Honeywell, do you mind?
Honeywell: [Quietly but sarcastically] Do I mind what?
Balbricker: [as she starts down the stairs past them] Look at this. The two of you squirming around like a pair of eels in heat. It's a disgrace.
Honeywell: [Getting in her face] Yeah? Well it's certainly better than stomping and waddling around like a frilly hippopotamus, Beulah!
Balbricker: [Hissing] What did you call me?
Honeywell: Beulah. Beulah Ball-breaker.
Balbricker: [Yelling] Who do you think you're talking to?
Honeywell: [Voice slowly increasing in volume] Well, if I heard of herty-gerty, I would think I was talking to the fat lady in the circus, but as it stands I guess I'm talking to a bunch of bad news named Beulah, Beulah, BEULAH!
Coach Brakett: [Get's up] Look ladies...
Honeywell: [Both she and Balbricker push him back down; without even looking at him] You butt out!
Balbricker: Moral turpitude.
Honeywell: What?
Balbricker: [Louder] Moral turpitude! Read your contract, Miss Honeywell! I'll have you fired for moral turpitude!
Honeywell: [as Balbricker continues down the stairs] Take your moral turpitude and stick up your old gazoo, Beulah!
Coach Brakett: [Stands up, concerned] Moral turpitude? Gee, I don't know, Lynn.
Honeywell: Oh, come on.
[Runs upstairs pulling him by his hand, making him stumble up with her]