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Thurman Cutler (Character)
from "The Outer Limits" (1963)

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"The Outer Limits: I, Robot (#1.18)" (1995)
Thurman Cutler: I'm about to push constitutional protection to the point of absurdity.
Adam: I was not aware that this hearing was intended to be a lesson in the absurd.
Thurman Cutler: I can't expect you to see the beauty in this, but I'm gonna force that judge to put a talking mannequin, albeit a highly sophisticated one, on trial for murder.
Adam: Is that how you see me, Mr. Cutler, as a talking mannequin?
Thurman Cutler: Your design and your construction are nothing short of genius, but even you must understand that you're basically a takeoff on the thoughts and feelings that Dr. Link programmed into you. A man suffers, a man bleeds, a man has a soul...
Adam: [the robot reaches through the bars of the cell before the man can react, grabbing him around the throat] I could snap your neck as if it were a toothpick. In that sense, you're right. I'm not like most men. But like most men, I choose not to.
Adam: Let me go.
Adam: Why? Because I have respect for life, all life, even that of a jaded attorney who wants to put a talking mannequin on trial to discredit the legal system.
[He releases him]
Adam: You don't know me, Mr. Cutler. You don't know anything about me. The thought that Dr. Link, my creator, my friend, is dead, saddens me to no end. And the thought that I may have killed him, even if by accident, is abhorrent to me. Do you understand? I do suffer. But unlike men, my face doesn't show my feelings. Now, please, leave me alone...

"The Outer Limits: I, Robot (#2.9)" (1964)
Thurman Cutler: Too bad, Sheriff. Adam just cheated the executioner!