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Quotes for
Brian (Character)
from "Le manège enchanté" (1964)

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Sprung! The Magic Roundabout (2005)
Dylan: Chill out guys, I've got something stashed that just might help.
Brian: Dylan, we don't have time to indulge in recreational activities...

Brian: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.
ZeBadDee: Very well! Sam, bring out the sticks and stones!

Brian: [to Moose] Have you seen our friend Dougal? Big black noise, looks like a bad hair day on legs.

ZeBadDee: Give me that map... please?
Brian: Over my dead body!
ZeBadDee: Sam, get out the garlic butter. I'm feeling a little peckish.
Brian: You're bluffing!
ZeBadDee: Try me, you spineless slime-spreader!

[Dylan is looking at the buttons on the train, and sees one marked with a spring]
Dylan: Hey, maybe this is some kind of anti-spring device.
[he presses button. Brian is catapulted upwards]
Brian: I can fly!
[looks down]
Brian: No, I can't.
Dylan: Or maybe it's an ejector seat.

Brian: Oh no! Trouble dead ahead!
Train: [jumping from one trainrail to the other] That's my line!

Doogal (2006)
Brian: Dylan, can you beat them up?
Dylan: Call me Neo.