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Ermintrude (Character)
from "Le manège enchanté" (1964)

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Sprung! The Magic Roundabout (2005)
Ermintrude: Surely it's only a short hop for such a brave bunny.
Dylan: More like a long drop for a dumb rabbit.

Ermintrude: I never thought I'd say it, but: what a snail!

Ermintrude: Well, there's no use crying over spilled milk.
Dylan: That's easy for you to say.

Ermintrude: Oh, the cruel hands of time!
Dylan: [teeth chattering because of the cold] But if it, if it wasn't for time, every- everything would hap- happen at once!

Doogal (2006)
Ermintrude: [the second jewel, which sits across a room of lasers] So, who's gonna get it?
Doogal: Ummm... I'm chewing my gum...