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Dexter Stanley (Character)
from Creepshow (1982)

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Creepshow (1982)
Charlie Gereson: [Professor Stanley tells Charlie about the creature in the crate] Pretty far out, Professor Stanley...
Professor Dexter Stanley: It's true! It's true - I swear it's true! We got to get Campus Security...
Charlie Gereson: [Charlie cuts him off] Campus Security's no good! If I'm having trouble swallowing this one, what the fuck are THEY going to think?
Professor Dexter Stanley: [calming down] ... I don't know... what they'd think...
Charlie Gereson: They'd think you'd been off on a hell of a toot. No, they'd think we'd BOTH been off on a hell of a toot, and got to seeing Tasmanian devils instead of pink elephants.
Charlie Gereson: [Charlie decides to go downstairs to investigate] I think I'll just go down and see how the land lays...
Professor Dexter Stanley: [in a panic] It may be OUT!
Charlie Gereson: [complacent] Oh, I uh - I doubt that.
Professor Dexter Stanley: CHARLIE!
Charlie Gereson: Be right back, Professor Stanley!

Professor Dexter Stanley: Two people are dead, and I could be blamed. I know that's a terrible consideration to have at a time like this, but -
[Henry hands him a drink and he swallows it one gulp]
Henry Northrup: Last time I saw someone do that was in the movies!
Professor Dexter Stanley: It could mean my ass, Henry, it wasn't me! It was that - that thing in the crate! And I don't even know what it was!
[giggles hysterically]
Henry Northrup: What two people? Who is dead?
Professor Dexter Stanley: Mike the janitor at Amberson Hall, and Charlie Gereson. He wanted to measure the bite marks, Henry. I guess he got his chance!
Professor Dexter Stanley: I certainly guess he did!