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Quotes for
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald (Character)
from "Gossip Girl" (2007)

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"Gossip Girl: Much 'I Do' About Nothing (#1.18)" (2008)
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: Here he is, the best man ready to do his dad proud.
Chuck Bass: Captain good to see you. Nate.
[Nate being mad just looks at him and doesn't say anything]
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: Wow, clearly I missed something while I was away. A little advice fellas, you've been friends a long time, whoever she is she's not worth it.
Chuck Bass: Couldn't agree more.
Nate Archibald: That's the problem.

Nate Archibald: [Nate is trying to stop his dad in the limo] Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop, stop! Dad, what the hell are you doing?
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: I left you a note at home.
Nate Archibald: Yeah? What's it say?
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: It says I'm sorry.
Nate Archibald: For what? I mean, dad, if you've relapsed, it's okay. We'll get you help. Chuck saw you earlier.
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: I wasn't buying drugs.
[he shows Nate his passport]
Nate Archibald: Passport? Your skipping town?
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: I'm gonna be a much better father to you from the Dominican Republic than from jail.
Nate Archibald: No, dad. I know your scared, but we'll get through the trial.
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: No, we won't! I'm guilty, Nate. I'm facing 25 years.
Nate Archibald: So, all this stuff about things looking good and working out, huh? What about mom?
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: Who do you think's paying for the private plane?
Nate Archibald: Why didn't you tell me any of this?
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: 'Cause I didn't want you to know anything and be an accessory! This is the best thing for everyone. I need you to step up right now and be the man of the family for your mother.
Nate Archibald: It's been that for a while now!
[Nate starts to walk off and his dad grabs him by his shoulder]
Howie 'The Captain' Archibald: Nate!
Nate Archibald: [Nate punches his dad in the face] That's for mom!