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Quotes for
Sam Rawson (Character)
from Single White Female (1992)

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Single White Female (1992)
[first lines]
Sam Rawson: [Sam talks to Allie while laying in bed] So how many kids do we want?
Allison Jones: I don't know. What's the statistical norm?
Sam Rawson: Oh... You and your statistics. One point two.
Allison Jones: Hm... Okay, then I want two point two. And I want them to look like you.
Sam Rawson: Oh, those poor kids.

[Hedy and Sam fight after Hedy forces herself on Sam sexually]
Hedra Carlson: [Hedy talks to Sam about her friendship to Allie] Well, I don't expect you to understand our friendship.
Sam Rawson: [Sam starts to yell the truth to Hedy] She cannot fucking stand you for Christ's sake!
Hedra Carlson: That's not true.
Sam Rawson: Oh, bullshit!
Hedra Carlson: Uh-uh.
Sam Rawson: You're too needy... You're always clingy... You're constantly in her face.
Hedra Carlson: She needs me. Who was there for her when her boss almost raped her? Hmm?
Sam Rawson: What?
Hedra Carlson: Who took care of her? You were off on a business trip, or screwing someone.
Sam Rawson: She never said a word to me about that!
Hedra Carlson: That's right. She told me. So, don't try and make me think that we're not close. We lean on each other, and we... We protect each other. We're... We're best friends.
Sam Rawson: You're nuts, you know that? Yeah, I think you're out of your skull.
Hedra Carlson: [Hedy gives a little chuckle] Yeah, well, sticks and stones, okay?