Dale Malloy
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Dale Malloy (Character)
from "The Riches" (2007)

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"The Riches: Virgin Territory (#1.6)" (2007)
Dahlia Malloy: The funeral is this weekend. You have to be here for the family.
Dale Malloy: I can't.

Dale Malloy: [to Wayne] Where're you living?

Dale Malloy: [to Dahlia] Do you really want to know how he died? You really want to know how he died? If he cried or if he whimpered? Is that what you wanna hear? You left him there, Dee. You left him there to suffer and die.

Dale Malloy: I did it for you. I did it for you. I swear, I needed you.
Dahlia Malloy: Get down on your knees.

[last lines]
Dale Malloy: [to Ken] Where do they live?

Dale Malloy: [on the phone to Dahlia] Just bring back the money, Dee.

"The Riches: It's a Wonderful Lie (#1.11)" (2007)
Dale Malloy: [staring at himself in the mirror] A suit like this makes me look like an asshole.

Dale Malloy: [to Wayne and Dahlia, who are pretending to be Doug and Cherien Rich] Howdy, neighbors?

Dale Malloy: Doug.
Wayne Malloy: Dale.
Dale Malloy: We have a lot to talk about, my friend.

"The Riches: Waiting for Dogot (#1.12)" (2007)
Dale Malloy: [to Wayne and Pete] I'm Greg, Greg Buffer.

Dale Malloy: [to Dahlia] You tell that husband I'll be back for him.

[last lines]
Pete Mincey: You coming?
Dale Malloy: Yeah Pete, I'm coming. Let's go for a little stroll.

"The Riches: Reckless Gardening (#1.5)" (2007)
[last lines]
Dale Malloy: [to Earl] All I ever wanted to do was to make you proud, Daddy. I'll always be your brave little Indian. I love you, Daddy. And I will carry you in my heart 'till the day that I die. Good bye.

Dale Malloy: [to Earl] Is that what you think of me, Daddy? You think I'm a sociopath? You can't trust me to run the family?

"The Riches: This Is Your Brain on Drugs (#1.9)" (2007)
Dale Malloy: I've already mailed my services to some of your neighbors. Your back door nighhbour.
Hartley Underwood: Doug Rich?
Dale Malloy: That's his name?

Hartley Underwood: So Doug Rich, he really screwed you over with that paint job?
Dale Malloy: He can suck shit in Hell for all I care.

"The Riches: The Last Temptation of Wayne (#2.1)" (2008)
Dale Malloy: [to Wayne] Where the hell are Doug and Cherien Rich?

[last lines]
Dale Malloy: [to Doug] So, Douglas, what's the plan?

"The Riches: Pilot (#1.0)" (2007)
Wayne Malloy: [to Dale about the money] You gonna put it in the safe or wipe your ass with it?
Dahlia Malloy: Be nice, boys.
Wayne Malloy: Something tells me your Daddy never told you the combination.
Dale Malloy: He told me how to open it Wayne.
Wayne Malloy: What's the combination Dale? Does it have a two in it? Is it one of those numbers you can count up to?
Dale Malloy: Outside, outside! Enough with the damn bell daddy! Let's get something straight. I am the new boss, He is the old boss. That man doesn't take a piss without my help! You look at me when I am talking to you.
Wayne Malloy: What the hell did you promise Jenny Dannegan?
Dale Malloy: That marriage is good for the whole family. If we can get in bed with the Dannegans, we are in serious kush. It is good for all of us.
Wayne Malloy: It is not good for me.
Dale Malloy: I say, she marries him.
Wayne Malloy: I say you marry him.
Dale Malloy: I had her Wayne! All up in the ass!
Wayne Malloy: Who? This Jenny Dannegan?
Dale Malloy: Your wife!
Wayne Malloy: Oh? And where did all of this ass-having take place?
Dale Malloy: In my room.
Wayne Malloy: Oh, your mama's room? Hey I'll tell ya' where your heading Dale. In your dreams. You lost. I won. Get over it.

Ginny Dannegan: I know everything.
Dale Malloy: You don't know shit.
Ginny Dannegan: I know Wayne Malloy stole the family bank. I know that you are up to your eyeballs in shit if you don't get that money back. I know none of this is helping your position here.

"The Riches: Anything Hugh Can Do, I Can Do Better (#1.10)" (2007)
Dale Malloy: [Grandma Rich peeks through the window at Dale, who is trying to break in.] Boo!

"The Riches: Field of Dreams (#2.3)" (2008)
Eamon Quinn: So what you do got for me?
Dale Malloy: I got Wayne Malloy wrapped around my little finger.

"The Riches: Believe the Lie (#1.1)" (2007)
Earl: That's real nice, hitting a pregnant woman.
Dale Malloy: What did you say Earl?
Earl: Nothing.
[walking away while muttering]
Earl: Dickhead.
[Dale grabs a wrench, which he uses to hit Earl.]