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Clay McCord (Character)
from "The Deputy" (1959)

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"The Deputy: Badge for a Day (#1.1)" (1959)
Clay McCord: Ever cross your mind that if nobody carried a shooting iron, there wouldn't be no shootin'?
Customer: Mister, I came in here for some service, not a sermon.

Clay McCord: You say it's shooting a little high and to the left?
Customer: Yeah, that's right.
[Clay fires six times, breaking a stick with each shot]
Clay McCord: Well, it must be you shootin' high and a little to the left, not the Colt - it's beaded dead on. Now you take my advice and don't reload that thing. You'll be better off.

Clay McCord: I got no interest in the Ace Gentry gang.
[several shots ricochet nearby]
Marshal Simon Fry: You have now.

Marshal Simon Fry: I'm goin' after eight killers and all you're worried about is will you get your stinkin' groceries back?
Clay McCord: Well, if you don't come back, Simon, I'll forget about payment. It'll be worth it.

Marshal Simon Fry: We've been in tighter spots.
Clay McCord: When?

[Fry and mcCord are trapped in an abandoned mine by Ace Gentry's outlaw gang]
Marshal Simon Fry: It's just like old times, isn't it, Clay?
Clay McCord: Too much like old times.

[Simon shoots a mud-covered, knife-wielding combatant in the hand]
Clay McCord: Well, you gun-crazy foo! You didn't even know which one of us you was shootin' at!
Marshal Simon Fry: I figured a busted hand was worth more than takin' the gamble you had the knife - and I was right.
Clay McCord: But that would have been my gun hand!
Marshal Simon Fry: What do you care? You're all the time sayin' you aren't goin' to use it no more anyway.

Clay McCord: Simon, it ain't just the gettin' killed I don't like - it's the killin', too. You never could understand that, could you?
Marshal Simon Fry: Nope - not when it's killin' varmints like them.

Marshal Simon Fry: I've got another wagonload of supplies like this impounded up in Herk's office. I'll get somebody over in Prescott to send it to you for a reward.
Clay McCord: If you just stay in your office up in Prescott, that'll be reward enough for me.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: Well, here's your badge, Marshal. Consider me unsworn.
Marshal Simon Fry: Aw, why don't you keep it. You never know when you might be using it again.
Marshal Simon Fry: [narrating] Clay kept it. We both knew he'd be using it again.

"The Deputy: Cherchez La Femme (#2.27)" (1961)
Clay McCord: You had no call flyin' off the handle, Mr. Harper.
Noah Harper: The idea of his livin' a minute more than my son is more than I could bear.
Clay McCord: How long he lives is up to the judge.
Noah Harper: Judge Nielson is coming here next week to handle the trial. I saw to that.
Clay McCord: You saw to that? What do you mean?
Noah Harper: I asked for the judge with the most hangings to his credit.

Clay McCord: Sergeant Tasker says it was an accident. Judge Nielsen might believe him.
Noah Harper: He won't.
Clay McCord: The courtroom ain't part of your cattle ranch, Mr. Harper.

Marshal Simon Fry: Well, I better catch me a couple of winks, then keep on goin' until I get to Tucson.
Clay McCord: You goin' on to Tucson?
Marshal Simon Fry: If you ain't found out how much weight that Noah Harper can swing in this area, you're about to.
Clay McCord: I guess I am.
Marshal Simon Fry: We'll have to switch jurisdiction to the Army or find any other judge than Nielsen and Tucson's my only bet.
Clay McCord: Think you got a chance?
Marshal Simon Fry: Can't count on it. You better find that girl so Noah Harper and all his friends can have a look at her.
Clay McCord: So far, I can't even prove she exists.

Clay McCord: I'm disappointed in you, Ellen. I figured you to be smarter than to lie to the law.
Ellen: Whoever's been telling you about me...
Clay McCord: The only one's who been telling me is you. You see, I searched your room this afternoon.
Ellen: You've got your nerve!
Clay McCord: Lot's of nerve, but no more patience!

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Clay, findin' a girl is duck soup for Hapgood Tasker.
Clay McCord: This is one time I sure hope you ain't just boastin'.

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Wait'll I get my hands on her; ridin' off, leavin' me holdin' the bag.
Clay McCord: Now simmer down, Sarge. We gotta handle her gentle.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: What for after what she did?
Clay McCord: An old military man like you oughta know that you can win a battle and lose the war.

Clay McCord: How about her?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Could be.
Clay McCord: Fits Ellen's description all right. Well, you hang around, Sarge. Don't come too close.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Aw, relax, Clay. I'm disguised, ain't I?
Clay McCord: Yeah... but there are times when I like to work alone.

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: If we don't find her, how are you goin' to explain me when you get back to Silver City?
Clay McCord: I'm worried about your life, not my job.

Noah Harper: Bringin' that girl blackened my son's character. Ain't that right?
Clay McCord: To tell the truth, that's all.
Noah Harper: Brett was a fine boy. He'd never go near her sort.
Clay McCord: You've been blind a long time, Mr. Harper. Once your eyes are opened you ain't gonna like what you see.

"The Deputy: Judas Town (#2.14)" (1960)
[first lines]
[Sarge is watching Clay scrub a jail cell floor]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Ahhh, dear. You know, Clay, the trouble is you been keepin' law and order too good in this town. Now if you had some lawbreakers in here, they'd be doin' the scrubbin' instead of you.
Clay McCord: Thanks for the sympathy, Sarge.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Well, when you get all through scrubbin' here, you can come over to my place and I'll pay you 15 cents an hour.
[Clay throws his scrub brush at Sarge]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: All right, all right - 20 cents!
[Clay glares at Sarge who beats a hasty retreat]

[Pete McCurdy and his men have just shot up Silver City, wounding a townsman in the process]
Clay McCord: You part of the McCurdy drive?
Pete McCurdy: I'm Linc McCurdy's son, Pete. So you heard we was comin' through, huh?
Clay McCord: Mm-hmm. My boss asked me to extend courtesies to ya.
Pete McCurdy: Yeah, that's right. Nice of him.
Clay McCord: Gents, on behalf of Silver City, I want to welcome you to our jail. Now turn around and shuck your gunbelts.

Mayor: I hear you locked up Pete McCurdy and three of his men.
Clay McCord: That's right, your honor.
Mayor: Well, I'm glad you taught 'em a lesson. I'm sure they won't forget it.
Clay McCord: There's some that need more than a lesson. They need a whole education.

Clay McCord: Your boy has busted up the town and shot a man. I'm going to have to keep him in jail until the circuit judge rides through in a few days.
Linc McCurdy: I don't have a few days. I've got cattle to drive through to Tucson.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: You can always hire a few men in town.
Linc McCurdy: If I have to pay wages, *I* am the one who decides who I pay them to. Now I want my men out of jail!
Clay McCord: We don't always get what we want.
Linc McCurdy: Well, that's where you're wrong. We McCurdys do!

Clay McCord: Hollerin' ain't gonna do you any good, Mr. McCurdy. You can't make your own laws.
Linc McCurdy: Any laws the McCurdy's don't make, they bend it to fit.

[Joab has become reluctant to press charges against Pete McCurdy]
Clay McCord: Did Linc McCurdy pay you a visit today?
Joab: Yeah, just before sundown.
Clay McCord: I guess he paid more than his respects.

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: McCurdy's tied up with the biggest politicians in the territory.
Clay McCord: Well, he might have put some political pressure on Simon.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: He being your commanding officer, why wouldn't he have told you?
Clay McCord: 'Cause he's the most devious, schemin', tricky-tongued, double-dealin' honest man that I know.

[Clay arrests Pete and his men again]
Mayor: Now why don't you call this whole thing off. My pa has got the whole deck to play against you.
Clay McCord: Ain't gonna do him any good this time, McCurdy, 'cause he don't know where the game's goin' to be played.

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: All right, you can have the rations - and I hope you choke on 'em!
Clay McCord: Talk like that ain't gonna get the Army any new recruits.

"The Deputy: Queen Bea (#1.22)" (1960)
Clay McCord: No, no, no. I'll say it Spanish - "No." I'll whistle it if I have to.

Fran McCord: Mr. Fry gone already?
Clay McCord: He's gone.
Fran McCord: He'll be back.
Clay McCord: No he won't, Sis. He knows I refuse to be tricked.
Fran McCord: He's probably hooked you again and you don't even know it.

Fran McCord: That Mr. Rickert. I'm goin' to punch him in the nose!
Clay McCord: Whoa, now. Just because he's our competitor...
Fran McCord: Well, I am!
Clay McCord: Now, Sis, I'll let you boss me in almost anything, but when it comes to nose-punchin', I'll do it.

Herk Lamson: You better start packin' again.
Clay McCord: Why? 'Cause of Fletcher?
Herk Lamson: No, that other fella. I saw the way he looked at you when you moved in on the lady. There was murder in those eyes - yours!

Herk Lamson: How's Fran takin' it?
Clay McCord: Oh, she claims she likes it over the hotel, social and all, but I'll be glad when it's all over and I can ease her mind.
Herk Lamson: About not selling the store?
Clay McCord: No, about me courtin' Miss Vale! She's buildin' up a real thunderhead. Just between you and me, I don't want to be around when the storm breaks.

[Fran jumps to Clay's aid when Bea draws a derringer and points it at him during a fight]
Clay McCord: Hey hey hey hey hey! It's finished!
Fran McCord: You mean I can't finish my fight?
Clay McCord: It's finished, it's finished. We'll be back tendin' store tomorrow, Sis.

[referring to Marshal Fry]
Clay McCord: How does he always get the best of me?
Fran McCord: He cheats.

Clay McCord: Goodbye, Herk.
Clay McCord: Goodbye and consider yourself unswore.
[Clay leaves Herk's office]
Clay McCord: ...Until the next time.

"The Deputy: Silent Gun (#1.18)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Never discuss women in front of women, Herk.

Mayor: Clay, I want you deputized.
Clay McCord: Pinnin' on a badge ain't a license to kill, Mr. Mayor, just means the man wearin' it intends to uphold the law.

Clay McCord: A couple of real anxious citizens.
Herk Lamson: Why not? Death is kind of scary, even if it is walkin' around on two legs and wearin' a fast gun.

Marshal Simon Fry: Kinda risky pussyfootin' around at night.
Clay McCord: I wasn't pussyfootin'.
Marshal Simon Fry: Your horse was.
Clay McCord: ...I'll have a talk with him.

Herk Lamson: I'm ashamed of you, Parnell. Bushwhacking ain't exactly in your line.
Clay McCord: Maybe it was and nobody noticed.

Clay McCord: Where is Clemson?
Herk Lamson: Hanging around outside the mayor's office.
Clay McCord: Just keeps pushin', don't he?
Herk Lamson: That's the old way, Clay. Fancy gun boys always did it that way. Push a man, jangle his nerves, make him reach - then drop him before he can clear leather.

"The Deputy: Lorinda Belle (#2.36)" (1961)
[Bill prevents a gunfight between Belding and Jason Getty]
Bill Corman: Thanks, Bill.
Bill Corman: It was nothin'. Maybe I shouldn't be proud of it, but Getty's always been friendly disposed towards me.
Clay McCord: That makes you a suspicious character, don't it?

[Jason is determined to find the man who gave him a deadly poison]
Clay McCord: If you expect to test everyone who hates you, Mr. Getty, you'll have to cover an awful lot of territory.
Jason Getty: I'm going to cover every inch of it, Deputy - every inch of it! I'm going to get even before I die.
Clay McCord: You get out of line, I'll lock you up.
Jason Getty: [laughs] What'll you have it your jail? A corpse?
Clay McCord: Don't make me wish that poison will work any faster than Doc Landy says it will.
Jason Getty: There's gonna be a lot of people who wish that before I'm through.

Marshal Simon Fry: The poisoner's got to be found before Getty finds him.
Clay McCord: The trouble is Getty's made up his own list of suspects. He's liable to gun 'em all down tryin' to be sure he gets the guilty one.
Marshal Simon Fry: Lucky this thing happened.
Clay McCord: Why do you say that?
Marshal Simon Fry: Aw, problems got any easier instead of tougher, you might get bored with your job.

Clay McCord: Sometimes it's merciful to lie to a patient, ain't it, Doc?
Bill Corman: For mercy, there's a reason.
Clay McCord: Well, so is justice!

[Jason has been shot in the stomach after being poisoned]
Clay McCord: Is he going to live, Doc?
Doc Landy: That's a funny question about a man who - for all practical purposes, has been dead for some time.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: I used to think Getty went out of his way to make people hate him... now I know why. He hated himself for what he had done to that girl. Couldn't stand for people to think he was decent when, in his heart, he felt that he wasn't.
Marshal Simon Fry: That's deep, Clay. It's gettin' so you're lookin' way inside for causes.

"The Deputy: The Deal (#1.12)" (1959)
Clay McCord: You wouldn't dare touch her!
Jack Usher: Don't be foolish; we already have. I think you recognize this.
[Usher hands Fran's locket to Clay]

Clay McCord: How do I know I can trust ya?
Jack Usher: ...You don't, brother.

Clay McCord: I hope those outlaws are still in Salt Canyon.
Marshal Simon Fry: Not very likely since they never camped there.
Clay McCord: What do ya mean? Injun Charley...
Marshal Simon Fry: Injun Charley never saw anybody in Salt Canyon and didn't tell you that he did.
Clay McCord: Oh no, Simon...
Marshal Simon Fry: When were you plannin' on slippin' away? As soon as I was asleep?
Clay McCord: What did I do wrong?
Marshal Simon Fry: Everything! You ain't much of a crook and your face wiggles when you lie.

[discussing Quincannon, one of Usher's gang members]
Marshal Simon Fry: I thought he was in Dodge City.
Clay McCord: Is he fast?
Marshal Simon Fry: He didn't fill 28 graves by accident.

[Clay objects to Simon's plan to trap the outlaw gang that are holding Fran hostage]
Clay McCord: No, Simon, they promised...
Marshal Simon Fry: They promised? They promised? What do promises mean to a pack like that? You can't do business with the Devil, Clay.
Clay McCord: I've got to! Don't you understand? What have you got in your veins - ice water?
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, not jelly anyway. You think you're the only one with feelin's? What about them guards at the mine? You're settin' them to be butchered.
Clay McCord: Not if they don't fight!
Marshal Simon Fry: They'll fight! That's what they're hired to do.

[last lines]
[Simon carries the unconcious Fran to a nearby bed]
Clay McCord: What the Sam Hill?
Marshal Simon Fry: It's all right, she just fainted. Broken glass - that's how she cut herself loose. Quite a gal, Clay... Clay?
Clay McCord: Better move her over, Simon. We McCords have had us a hard day.
Marshal Simon Fry: And a good day, Mr. McCord - a very good day.

"The Deputy: Lawman's Conscience (#2.37)" (1961)
[a man Clay arrested for murder is released when the real killer provides a death bed confession]
Clay McCord: Lucky thing Albee got life instead of the noose - lucky for me, I mean.

Clay McCord: Every time I arrest somebody, I'm goin' to say to myself, "Am I makin' another mistake?"
Marshal Simon Fry: That's goin' to be a problem, Clay, I'll grant ya, but there's problems in every job. You face 'em; you fight 'em. You went to a lot of trouble to prove that Albee done the killin'. Maybe next time, you're gonna have to take more time, more trouble.

[Sarge give Clay a copy of Albee's trial records]
Clay McCord: Well, I know all this. How come you want me to read it through?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Find anything in there to make you doubt Albee Beckett was the killer?
Clay McCord: No.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Good! Then the two days it took me to ride to Hondo, go to the courthouse and bring that back here wasn't wasted.
Clay McCord: I'm afraid it is, considerin' Rufus Hayden's confession.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Who said Hayden wasn't lyin'?
Clay McCord: On his deathbed, Sarge? He'd have to have an awful powerful reason for that.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Clay, if you started actin' like a lawman instead of a wounded buffalo, why you might find a reason.

Clay McCord: Now I know what a military secret is.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: What?
Clay McCord: It's something a military man keeps to himself until it's almost too late to do anybody any good.

[When Albee turns on his partner, Sarge knocks him out the butt of his pistol]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Eh, he'll sleep better, Clay.
Clay McCord: So will I, Sarge, so will I.

[last lines]
Marshal Simon Fry: I'll take the first watch. You ought to sleep real good knowin' you have a clear conscience in ya.
Clay McCord: You're the boss, Marshal.

"The Deputy: Last Gunfight (#1.31)" (1960)
[Clay straps on his gunbelt]
Marshal Simon Fry: You won't find out anything with that except he's mighty handy in the same department.
Deputy Clay McCord: Is there a price on his head?
Marshal Simon Fry: Big one.
Deputy Clay McCord: Good! It's about time I started accumulatin' some cash.
Marshal Simon Fry: With this fellow, you won't get any cash - only fame.
Deputy Clay McCord: What do you mean?
Marshal Simon Fry: Name's Johnny Dean. The price on his head could be death.

Johnny Dean: Simon Fry? Is he in town?
Deputy Clay McCord: Rode in a while ago. I told him your name was Enright, but he said the description fit a gunfighter named Johnny Dean.
Johnny Dean: No it doesn't, Deputy. I used to be a gunslinger.
Deputy Clay McCord: What happened? Eyes go bad? Hands start to shake?
Johnny Dean: Let's just call it a loss of appetite.

Deputy Clay McCord: How come you keep runnin'?
Johnny Dean: How many men have you killed?
Deputy Clay McCord: More than I like to remember.
Johnny Dean: Sooner or later you can forget... maybe they deserved killin'; maybe it's part of your job. What excuse can I use?

Deputy Clay McCord: Now you're runnin' from yourself.
Johnny Dean: Unh-uh. Johnny Dean - there's a difference.
Deputy Clay McCord: You plannin' to settle in Silver City?
Johnny Dean: Well, I'd like to.
Deputy Clay McCord: It's a peaceful town, Johnny.
Johnny Dean: Deputy, Roger Enright is a peaceful man.

Deputy Clay McCord: Don't blame yourself for every bullet that's fired, Johnny.
Johnny Dean: No, but everyone else will blame me.

Deputy Clay McCord: No, they'll kepp lookin' for trouble and findin' it, but Johnny wanted to keep his reputation from livin' on. I don't want him to have died a failure.

"The Deputy: The Dream (#2.19)" (1961)
Roy Wilkins: So maybe he hasn't busted any laws yet. Ain't that the time to step and stop him before he does?
Clay McCord: If he busts a law, Roy, you let me know, but until then...
Roy Wilkins: Eh, there are other ways to stop a man, young fella.
Clay McCord: Well, if you hear of anyone usin' one of them other ways, Roy, you tell him from me, I will step in... and not against Clint Hammer!

Selene Hammer: I don't care what you say, Mr. McCord. Everybody's gonna thank Daddy for what he's doin'. He's been right before and he's right now.
Clay McCord: About the gold, I can't say. About everybody...
[Clay shakes his head]

Clay McCord: Simon, am I...
Clay McCord, Marshal Simon Fry: ...glad to see you.
Marshal Simon Fry: Why is that you only say that when I'm bushed, blistered all over and can't stay.
Clay McCord: Can't stay? Why not?
Marshal Simon Fry: Don't have any more laundry to wash.

Clay McCord: You ain't leavin' already?
Marshal Simon Fry: You read the telegram.
Clay McCord: Well... what about your laundry
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, this ain't goodbye for ever, Clay. I'll be back. Don't worry - I got confidence in ya.
Clay McCord: I appreciate it.
Marshal Simon Fry: Just do me a favor, Clay. There's no need to darn the socks, but when you take 'em down, keep the pairs together, will ya?

Ty Lawson: I'm really going to enjoy this fight.
Clay McCord: It's one you better be on time for - to the split second!

"The Deputy: Brother in Arms (#2.29)" (1961)
Clay McCord: Did you know Garth Cabot was comin' here, Billy?
Bill Jason: You keep forgettin' I was mindin' my own business, so now I gotta tell you to do the same.

Tom Arnold: If your pop was here I bet he'd stand Billy to a drink.
Clay McCord: Things are different now.
Bill Jason: Men like Cabot ain't any different. If he was bent on makin' trouble, you couldn't talk him out of it.
Clay McCord: I'd try.
Tom Arnold: The way I knew Luke McCord, he might be ashamed to hear you talkin' like that.
Clay McCord: Careful what you say, Mr. Arnold, because the way you talk, you don't sound like you knew my father at all. Figure Billy Jason for a hero if you like, but one day he's going to gun down an innocent man and when that day comes, I don't want anyone of you to say Luke McCord taught him that!

[anticipating a showdown with Billy Jason, Clay practices his skill with a pistol]
Clay McCord: That's fast enough.
Marshal Simon Fry: When did you slink in, Simon?
Clay McCord: A couple of draws back.

[Clay straps on his gun to fight Billy Jason]
Clay McCord: I say it's better to prevent a crime than solve one.

[last lines]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Phew! Ten years off of my life the thought of you havin' to fight him. I saw the whole thing from the window.
Clay McCord: You figure my chances to be that bad, Sarge?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: That's got nothing' to do with it, Clay. I figure that no matter where Luke McCord is, it would have been another notch on his gun and he wouldn't have been no more proud of it that you would.
Clay McCord: You know, Sarge, you see more through that one eye than most folks do with two.

"The Deputy: The Return of Simon Fry (#1.21)" (1960)
Fran McCord: Well, what were you two so serious about?
Clay McCord: Simon's dead.
Fran McCord: I've almost got it in me to be glad knowing he won't be around temptin' you to be wearing that deputy's badge, knowin' for sure they won't be bringing you back some day full of bullets like they Dad...
[Fran starts to cry]
Fran McCord: Clay, it's going to be black and empty knowing he'll never walk into the store.

Clay McCord: What kind of cheap stunt have you pulled this time?
Marshal Simon Fry: Cheap is right! Don't get in the habit of penny-pinchin'. I was a might riled at that shabby hearse, that cheap pine coffin you got me.
Clay McCord: So help me, Simon Fry, this is the last filthy trick you ever play on me!
Marshal Simon Fry: I'm not playin' it on you, Clay. I'm playin' it on the fellow that tried to get me out of the way.
Clay McCord: Well, if there is such a fellow he'd better stay out of my way...
Marshal Simon Fry: Thanks, Clay.
Clay McCord: ...Because I'd like to kill him for bungling the job!

Clay McCord: Maybe he's your man.
Marshal Simon Fry: Nah, he's just a flea on the hound dog.

Clay McCord: You know where this Carter is now?
Marshal Simon Fry: No, he was hiding up the line somewhere. He was going to lead me to him. I hate to see him end up a failure.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: You don't never change, Simon - dead or alive.

"The Deputy: The World Against Me (#2.9)" (1960)
Tommy White: I told you, I don't need no help!
Clay McCord: Those that say it at all are usually the ones who need it the most, Tommy.

Grisby: Brought the old man's belongin's like you asked. Owned not much more than this and the clothes on his back.
Clay McCord: Well, he had one thing that was worth a lot.
Grisby: Yeah? What?
Clay McCord: That boy's devotion.

[Clay wants Sarge to look after Tommy until a premanent guardian can be appointed]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Oh, no you don't, McCord! You been out in the sun too long. Your brain is as dry as beef jerky! Why, no normal youngster could live in the back of an army supply store.
Clay McCord: Why? You do.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: But I ain't normal!

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: About time you got back, McCord, leavin' me with that wildcat! Now you pack up that kid and get him outta here pronto - four days is enough. Why, I'd rather live with a bunch of Kiowas.
Clay McCord: Don't tell me he's been givin' you trouble.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Oh, nothin' to speak of - I mean there ain't a day goes by that he don't pick a fight with some kid. He's got no respect for anything. If I talk to him he goes deaf in both ears. Why, if I keep him around, I'll get drummed out of the service.
Clay McCord: For what he does?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: No! For what I'm liable to do to him!

[last lines]
Marshal Simon Fry: [discussing Tommy] You know, he did pick up a lot since I last saw him. He'll make a good man some day... and every good man makes our jobs easier.
Clay McCord: That's right.

"The Deputy: Dark Reward (#1.27)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Would you folks do me a favor? Would you accept this?
Mr. Carter: What's that for?
Clay McCord: It's my share of the reward money posted by the bankers' committee.
Mr. Carter: We couldn't do that, Clay.
Clay McCord: I know it will never make up for your loss, but please accept it - for my sake if nothing else.

Sheriff of Orrsburg: McCord, you better stick to storekeepin'. You ain't thinkin' like a lawman.
Clay McCord: At least I'm thinkin'.

Rosy: You got manners.
Clay McCord: Trouble is, I'm clean out of what it takes to please a lady like you.

Rosy: You're cute, Johnny... such a gentleman.
Clay McCord: Well, guess that means I'd better go. It's gettin' kinda late.
Rosy: I didn't mean *that* kind of gentleman.

Rosy: Do you think I'm pretty?
Clay McCord: Fishin' for a compliment, ain't ya?
Rosy: I just want to hear you say it.
[they kiss]
Clay McCord: Does that say it?

"The Deputy: The Deathly Quiet (#2.34)" (1961)
Marshal Simon Fry: Why all this hocus-pocus about a few army rifles?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: It weren't just a few army rifles. They were Gatling guns - the newest model! Why, you could spray bullets with 'em. They hire a thousand rounds a minute!
Deputy Clay McCord: How many were there?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Only two.
Deputy Clay McCord: *Only* two? According to you, they'd give two men the fire power of a whole brigade!

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Clay, why Gatling guns? They're big; they're clumsy. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would steal one.
Deputy Clay McCord: Well, not to go duck huntin', that's for sure.

Stonewall Brown: Do you reckon they're hidin' in them there rocks?
Deputy Clay McCord: Probably.
Stonewall Brown: You should have asked me to get you eagles instead of men.

[Colonel Belknap refuses to help Clay because of "regulations"]
Deputy Clay McCord: Murder and robbery are against regulation, too, Colonel, and it doesn't help that they're using stolen army equipment!
Colonel Belknap: Yes, yes. Your chief, Simon Fry, said as much when he was here.
Deputy Clay McCord: And you disagreed?
Colonel Belknap: I told him it was a matter for the civilian authorities.
Deputy Clay McCord: How'd he take it?
Colonel Belknap: Well, let's say he's a lawman, not a diplomat.

[while Sarge and Clay and a dozen army men defended empty wagons from the Gatling gun gang, Simon drove a buillion filled cart to the railroad depot by himself]
Deputy Clay McCord: There's not much chance of you makin' a bad guess, Simon.
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, the reckon ain't one hundred percent. It's the bad guesses you remember when you're wheelin' a long on a grub wagon full of buillion with two days of travel ahead of ya. Maybe you're just as glad you are alone in case your schemin' went sour.

"The Deputy: The Border Between (#1.25)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Miss, I've got to find Evan Sloate and I've got to find him fast. It's worth ten dollars in gold if you lead me to him.
Lorrie: What do you want with him?
Clay McCord: There was a Mexican girl...
Lorrie: Yours?
Clay McCord: Well, let's just say I never figured she'd run away with another man.

Lorrie: You get the Mexican away from Sloate, that'll be thanks enough. One more thing - don't spread it around you're looking for Sloate.
Clay McCord: Why not?
Lorrie: Your face looks pretty good the way it is.

Lorrie: Listen to me and listen good. Nothin' you do is going to get that girl away from Evan any more then what I do is going to bring Eben back to me. There ain't going to be a blessed thing that's gonna change the words they said or the paper it's writ on.
Clay McCord: Paper? What paper?
Lorrie: The one that says, "Till death do us part."

Evan Sloat: She's my wife until death do us part. Ain't that right, woman?
Clay McCord: Well, go ahead and shoot. What are you waitin' for?
Evan Sloat: Oh, don't rush me, McCord. I'm gonna let you have all six slugs... one at at a time, each one in a different part of you. Let the life run out of ya nice and slow.

Clay McCord: I'm sorry it was you who had to do the killin'.

"The Deputy: The Means and the End (#2.25)" (1961)
[first lines]
Clay McCord: How come we're headin' back to Colby's place?
Marshal Simon Fry: I thought he might like to ride into town with us. Safer there.
[referring to Josie, their shackled prisoner]
Marshal Simon Fry: She'll look better to him in bracelets than breaking into his strongbox.

Clay McCord: Gallows near ready?
Marshal Simon Fry: Yeah... and from the way some people talk, you and the judge are going to be the first ones to sample it.

Clay McCord: Simon, what if they all cool off and go home?
Marshal Simon Fry: Clay, they gotta stay riled up. If Styles is gonna make his move, it's going to be because he's convinced the hangin's comin' off on schedule. If the town stays riled up, it'll help convince him.
Clay McCord: If they don't?
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, then Judge Stokes will give Josie a last minute reprieve.
Clay McCord: Have you considered her feelin's?
Marshal Simon Fry: And the feelin's of every dead victim of Farley Styles - past, present *and* future.

[Simon suspects that "Jesse Brown" is really outlaw Farley Styles]
Clay McCord: Is Brown starting to earn his pay?
Marshal Simon Fry: I'm hopin' he'll start to pay off.

[refering to Brown/Styles]
Clay McCord: We better not let him out of our sight.
Marshal Simon Fry: Don't worry. He's shown at least part of his hand and he ain't holdin' any aces.

"The Deputy: Proof of Guilt (#1.7)" (1959)
Clay McCord: Come in again, Mr. Carey, if there's anything you want while you're in town.
Joseph Carey: Well, there's plenty I want - payin' for it's always been my trouble.

Clay McCord: Herk, you're goin' to nab those Montezuma highbinders all by yourself.
Herk Lamson: I have to find them first.

Clay McCord: You got Cowper nailed to your barn door, Herk.
Herk Lamson: Yeah, like nailing up a weather vane - useful to find out which way the wind is blowing, but nothing to hold on to in a storm.

Clay McCord: I've been thinking... Miz Hart's gonna need someone to run the ranch for her. Why don't you stay and help out?
Joey Hart: Please, Joseph! It'll be just like having a real grandpa!
Joseph Carey: You know something, Joey? I might work out to be just that.

"The Deputy: Lawman's Blood (#1.20)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Well, Doc?
Dr. Landry: Well, he's got a chance.
Clay McCord: So have we if we get out of here as soon as it's dark enough.

Dr. Landry: I can't leave him, Clay.
Clay McCord: Doc, you gotta!
Dr. Landry: Kill him.
Clay McCord: Do what?
Dr. Landry: Put your gun to his head and pull the trigger. Go ahead!... I didn't think you could, but if we're going to leave him like this, it would be merciful if you did.
Clay McCord: Well, if there's nothing you can do...
Dr. Landry: Wait a minute - there's never nothing! Not until death.

Dr. Landry: You spend your life using instruments to save lives, then you can learn something to destroy it in just a few minutes.
Clay McCord: Let's make it as expensive as possible for 'em, Doc.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: You know, Doc, it bothers me giving my blood to Jack Burch and having it all go to waste.

"The Deputy: Passage to New Orleans (#2.8)" (1960)
Lucy Ballance: Things haven't been the same since Simon Fry stepped on board.
Clay McCord: He's my boss not my guardian.

Marshal Simon Fry: Passenger list didn't tell much.
Clay McCord: Well, I guess a man doesn't get in the habit of writing 'Gunman' after his name.

Marshal Simon Fry: She looks right through a man, Clay.
Clay McCord: All day long?
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, don't get the wrong idea. As long as I'm standing guard over her, I might as well make it sociable.
Clay McCord: Oh, I just hope you're not gettin' in deep water, Simon.
Marshal Simon Fry: You worried I don't know how to swim?

[last lines]
Marshal Simon Fry: [discussing Lucy] Faxcinatin' girl. Like's to play as long as she can keep out of trouble... which I guess ain't a bad idea. But like you said, it took a lot of work to get her on that stand.
Clay McCord: Oh, I can't see as how you suffered so much from all that hard labor.
Marshal Simon Fry: No, can't say as I did. Bein' a marshal, you gotta learn to take things as they come.

"The Deputy: Lady with a Mission (#1.24)" (1960)
Fran McCord: Clay, I'm chairman of the reception committee.
Clay McCord: Ch...? Why didn't you tell me?
Fran McCord: I didn't think you'd be interested.
Clay McCord: You know I'm always interested in a troublemaker.

Clay McCord: Herk, I swear she climbed on that horse nine times. Nine times!
Herk Lamson: Bless my soul.
Clay McCord: "If you're goin' to stay aboard," I said to her, "you gota hang on with everything you got - hands, feet, legs, knees, fingernails - everything!" After a while it was just a question of who was going to give up first - Miss Stone or the horse. She wouldn't, so the horse finally did.

Herk Lamson: It sure was a sight to behold, but it'll only make them women get bigger ideas. Someday we're liable to have a lady marshal.
Clay McCord: Ah, so that's why you're on the same side as Hodges.
Herk Lamson: Clay, don't go classifying me with that smoothy who gets rich off saloons and dance halls.

[last lines]
[Clay addresses the women's suffrage meeting]
Clay McCord: Ladies, for the benefit of those of you who ain't heard what happened, why Miss Agatha, why Miss Agatha took sick... but that wouldn't stop her from comin' to the meetin', no sirree. And since she already prepared her speech, why, she asked me to read it for her. "We the women of America..."
[women in the suffrage meeting break into gales of laughter]

"The Deputy: The Example (#2.26)" (1961)
[Sarge twists Jeb's arm behind his back]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Now the first thing you're going to learn is that it ain't polite to point a gun just to scare people!
Clay McCord: Plannin' to write a book on etiquette, Sarge?

Clay McCord: Let's go.
Jeb Barton: Where?
Clay McCord: If you're gettin' old enough to play with guns, you're old enough to spend a night in jail.

[discussing outlaw Frank Barton's son, Jeb]
Clay McCord: Ever since she passed away, he's been runnin' wild... gettin' into one scrape right after the other.
Frank Barton: Well, McCord, boys will be boys. What are you tryin' to do - stunt his growth? I was the same way when I was his age.
Clay McCord: Yeah - and look at you now.

[last lines]
Marshal Simon Fry: You know your trouble, Clay - you got a nasty temper.
Clay McCord: Well, if you spent the last 48 hours the way I did with one eye on Barton and the other lookin' for bounty hunters...
Marshal Simon Fry: And no sense of humor. If it wasn't for your blind luck, you'd never make a good lawman.
[Clay smiles]

"The Deputy: Trail of Darkness (#1.37)" (1960)
Douglas Brainard: I think we'd better give up. We've been circling for two hours.
Clay McCord: No... we can't give up.
Douglas Brainard: You're not going to make it, Clay.
Clay McCord: You're forgettin' one thing, Mr. Brainard.
Douglas Brainard: Yeah? What's that?
Clay McCord: If we give up, Simon ain't gonna make it, either.

Clay McCord: Where's Brainerd?
Posse Member: We left him inside - slight case of gun barrel over the head.

Marshal Simon Fry: Brainard and his crew ought to be worth a big reward.
Clay McCord: The way I feel, the best part of it will be spent for doctor's bills - that is, if I get it.
Marshal Simon Fry: Oh, you won't get it, 'cause no rewards been posted. Only reward you'll get is you saved me the beatin' you took.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: You mean you knew all the time I might have to take this beatin'?
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, you're gettin' good money for your trouble, boy.
Clay McCord: That's right, Simon. The law has to expect trouble. 'Course, it's the scars and bruises that make it worthwhile.

"The Deputy: Brand of Honesty (#2.35)" (1961)
John Gardner: Look here, you're a public servant!
Clay McCord: And you're a public nuisance, Mr. Gardner. At least you're a nuisance to me and you make it more public every day.

Ramon Ortega: You know I've given up the use of guns.
Clay McCord: Open your coat.
Ramon Ortega: Hmm?
Clay McCord: Open it.
[Ortega opens his coat and reveals two small pistols inside]
Clay McCord: Looks like they haven't given you up.
Ramon Ortega: Well, a man cannot walk around undressed. You know, somebody who's not peaceful may shoot holes in him.
Clay McCord: I'm afraid that's the price you have to pay for you kind of life.

Ramon Ortega: You cannot drive us out of business. We have broken no laws!
Clay McCord: I've got a whole book full of ordinances. If you haven't broken any of them, I'll have the city council pass some you have broken.

Ramon Ortega: You'll soon see who are the real bandits.
Clay McCord: If what you say is true, Ortega, you better duck fast when they show up, 'cause they hit hard and they use lead, not words.

"The Deputy: The Lucifer Urge (#1.33)" (1960)
Barney Wagner: You just serve the papers.
Clay McCord: And if I refuse?
Barney Wagner: Oh, you ain't gonna do that. There's those who might misunderstand your motives.
Clay McCord: What do you mean?
Barney Wagner: Maybe you didn't catch the name - Barney Wagner. Oh, you musta been a kid about eleven when you heard it last.
Clay McCord: Barney Wagner...
Barney Wagner: That's right, McCord. I'm the man who put the final bullet in your father.

Marshal Simon Fry: Wagner's shrewd. He's got you in a box. You gonna have to serve 'em. The chief marshal can't expect his deputy to do any different... but there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Clay McCord: What you drivin' at?
Marshal Simon Fry: Aw, there's a whole mess of laws, statutes, regulations that people don't bother to learn or remember, like spittin' on a sidewalk, failin' to tether a horse or muddyin' a drinking trough, or offerin' a bribe. Any one of 'em could have a body thrown in jail until a circuit judge shows up. That could take a looong time.

Jose: By the way, you speak with the judge?
Clay McCord: The law's a wonderful thing. It has as many bends as the Snake River.

Clay McCord: If you're hired hands have any ideas, you better tell 'em to get rid of 'em.
Barney Wagner: You can't outshoot all of 'em, Clay.
Clay McCord: Well, if you won't take it for boastin', I'm faster than my father ever was.
[Clay proceeds to shoot all three henchmen out of their saddles]

"The Deputy: The Big Four (#1.10)" (1959)
Marshal Simon Fry: I'm a man with problems, Clay. The Territorial Commissioner's assistant is coming over here now with more complaints about how I'm running this office. As a matter of fact, you might be able to help me.
Clay McCord: You start that deputy talk, Simon, and this friendly visit's going to end up real frosty.

Herk Lamson: What happened to your hands?
Clay McCord: Burned - that bunch down there meant to barbeque me all over.
Herk Lamson: They oughta know better to play with fire.
Clay McCord: It was them that did the playin'.

Clay McCord: Construction gang a coupla miles back - borrowed this from 'em... Dynamite!
Herk Lamson: Aw, them new-fangled things. They make me nervous.
Clay McCord: Wait'll you see what it makes them.

[Clay lights the fuse on the dynamite and watches it burn]
Clay McCord: What are you waitin' for?
Clay McCord: If this lands and don't go right off, there's one of them outlaws that's crazy enough to pick it up and throw it back here.
Herk Lamson: Looks like to me the crazy ones aren't on their side!

"The Deputy: An Enemy of the Town (#2.32)" (1961)
Quent Hall: He's lockin' us out!
Clay McCord: I'm going to keep it locked until I find out for sure what's causing the fever that's puttin' people down.
Adam Crockett: By what authority?
Clay McCord: My badge; my gun.

Clay McCord: Now tell the truth!
Will Culp: The truth, my friends, is as Lowell said, forever on a scaffold.

Marshal Simon Fry: Sticking your neck out paid off this time, but don't make it a habit.
Clay McCord: You keep pullin' my leg, you might surprised where it might kick.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: Let's get a drink, Sarge.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Water?

"The Deputy: The Return of Widow Brown (#2.30)" (1961)
Tommy Brown: Howdy. Appears like you're the sheriff.
Clay McCord: No, I'm the deputy marshal.
Tommy Brown: Boy, I bet you you're fast on the draw.
[pretending he's wearing a holster, Tommy whips out an imaginary pistol and points his finger at Clay]
Tommy Brown: Bang-bang! Bang-bang!
Clay McCord: Hey hey hey hey! Be careful where you point that thing.

Clay McCord: I figured the only way to handle this is exactly the way you would.
Marshal Simon Fry: How's that?
Clay McCord: Well, I already wired Phoenix and Mesa. Amelia lived in both them places like she claimed. Well, I figure her interests lies in the lynchin', the school, the roof or the loot.
Marshal Simon Fry: Got a first pick?
Clay McCord: Yeah. Well, like I say, I been thinkin' like you would. Now if you was a widow, I figure you'd be set on recoverin' the loot first.
Marshal Simon Fry: Dang if some of my oneryness ain't rubbed off on you after all.
Clay McCord: You got plenty to spare.

Marshal Simon Fry: Who else you got tucked away back there?
Clay McCord: Ah, Chuck Burloyne.
Marshal Simon Fry: Burloyne! I thought he was tucked away safe in Tannersville.
Clay McCord: Oh, it seems he busted loose the night after I went up there to ask him some questions.
Marshal Simon Fry: That so? I never heard of anyone bustin' out of Tannersville except with some outside help.
Clay McCord: Well, he got help from me and the warden.
Marshal Simon Fry: You better explain that. How did the warden get into it?
Clay McCord: Had to talk to him mighty persuasive, but I kept sayin' to myself, "This is the way Simon would do it."
Marshal Simon Fry: You sayin' I would arrange for a prisoner to break jail?
Clay McCord: You sure would! If he could lead you to five thousand dollars of stolen money.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: It turns out Burloyne lynched him, tryin' to make him tell where the money was hid. He was real obligin' with his confession. Claimed he just meant to coax Lem a little, but the horse bolted.
Marshal Simon Fry: It was real obligin' tellin' you that.
Clay McCord: Oh, well, me and Sarge might have persuaded him a little - knowin' how you'd have gone about it. You want to hear about it?
Marshal Simon Fry: If you was goin' about it like me, I don't want to hear about it ever! Don't want anyone disturbin' my sleep, 'cause I gotta get started for Flagstaff with my prisoner in the mornin'.

"The Deputy: The Jason Harris Story (#2.3)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Now, Simon, don't talk about Marshal Harris like he was a common criminal.
Marshal Simon Fry: He ain't - he's a special kind. First I've run into in twenty years in this business.

[Clay joins Simon who is hiding among cattails in a lake's shallows]
Marshal Simon Fry: You sure took your sweet time gettin' here.
Clay McCord: I was waitin' for the sun to warm the water a bit.

Clay McCord: How's the report goin'?
Marshal Simon Fry: Sometimes I wonder what a marshal needs most - a fast gun or a flowery pen.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: Ain't you?
Marshal Simon Fry: Ain't I what?
Clay McCord: Ever gonna grow a tough hide?
Marshal Simon Fry: Go on about your business, Deputy. I just found the words to finish my report.

"The Deputy: Meet Sergeant Tasker (#2.2)" (1960)
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Now, Deputy, you mean you're not going to let me teach these card sharps a lesson?
Clay McCord: That don't happen to be your job.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: No, but it's sure my pleasure!

Clay McCord: [to Sgt. Tasker] The next time I see you, I want it to be pleasure instead of business.

Clay McCord: We're going to do it the way I always do it.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: How's that?
Clay McCord: Careful.

Bartender: Got a thirst, Clay?
Clay McCord: Just for conversation.

"The Deputy: The Next Bullet (#1.11)" (1959)
Clay McCord: This note was tucked in his pocket. It says "Heck Lamson is next".

[referring to Tom Clement's trial]
Clay McCord: The jury decided this case over a year ago. Nobody here's got the right to try it again.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: Wasn't very polite of you steppin' on his foot like that.
Herk Lamson: I guess I forgot my manners on account of you.
Clay McCord: Why on account of me?
Herk Lamson: You ain't wearin' your badge! Next time you come around to pull me out of a jam, you better come dressed *formal*.

"The Deputy: Hang the Law (#1.17)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Where's you gun?
Marshal Simon Fry: Remember the little old lady that was around here?
Clay McCord: Yeah.
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, she ain't exactly a lady. Fact is, as a gunslinger, she's pure lightning and 17 claps of thunder!

Clay McCord: Oh, you don't mean she took your gun?
Marshal Simon Fry: You want the truth? A woman and a gun about scare me to death.

[during a gunfight, Simon suddenly groans]
Clay McCord: You hit?
Marshal Simon Fry: Aw, that dirty sidewinder ruined my new holster.
Clay McCord: Is that all?
Marshal Simon Fry: What do you want? Blood?

"The Deputy: Second Cousin to the Czar (#2.13)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Tell me, what is the cousin of the czar doing in the Arizona Territory?
Dimitri: Trying to earn a living.

[to Dimitri who claims to be a Russian duke]
Clay McCord: I've got a title myself - Clay McCord, Deputy Marshal of Silver City
Dimitri: Believe me, in this part of the world a far more impressive title than mine. I'm honored.

Clay McCord: People lose respect for the law when they don't respect the lawman.

"The Deputy: Backfire (#1.16)" (1960)
Herk Lamson: Why don't someone invent specs that can't break.
Clay McCord: These new ones can't - unless you drop 'em.

[Peg's gunman prepares to shoot Heck in the back]
Clay McCord: Call him off, Mrs. Marlowe.
Peg Marlowe: He is *not* my dog.

Clay McCord: You killed him, Ms. Marlowe. I pulled the trigger, but you killed him. I hope you're satisfied. You wanted someone to pay for Con Marlowe's death - well, somebody did. I just shot a man in the back! It don't matter that I saved a man's life because if I was playin' by the rules, that wouldn't count!

"The Deputy: The Johnny Shanks Story (#1.8)" (1959)
Clay McCord: Howdy, Simon. What brings you to Silver City?
Fran McCord: What always brings Mr. Fry to Silver City? Trouble!

Clay McCord: You peace officers?
Slane: Sort of.
Clay McCord: Where are your badges?
[Utah brandishes his rifle]
Utah: This'll do for our badges.
Clay McCord: Bounty hunters!

Clay McCord: One thing you gotta say for Simon Fry. Once he deputizes you, he don't ever let you resign.

"The Deputy: Three Brothers (#2.11)" (1960)
Marshal Simon Fry: [discussing a murdered man] Where were the Bennetts when he got stabbed?... You didn't think to ask 'em!
Clay McCord: What for? They didn't even know him!
Marshal Simon Fry: Sometimes I think maybe you're a little young for this job.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Why, the Bennett boys were the ones were playin' cards with, Simon. They're regular fellas.
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, let's go talk to 'em.
Clay McCord: What for?
Marshal Simon Fry: For one thing, it's the only lead we got. For another, maybe one of 'em ain't so regular.

Clay McCord: Can't win 'em all, you know. You gotta lose once in a while.
Marshal Simon Fry: When it comes to murder, I'm the world's worst loser.

[last lines]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Clay, I'd like to see you - if you was in the army - talk to your commanding officer like that.
Clay McCord: Sarge, if you stand on ceremony with Simon Fry, you wouldn't be in his army at all.

"The Deputy: Man of Peace (#1.14)" (1959)
[Clay argues that an unarmed peace commission would have a better chance of success than a regiment of soldiers storming the Apache camp]
Marshal Simon Fry: You don't walk into a place like that unarmed, Clay.
Clay McCord: Why not? Chief Mangus speaks English. It might be interesting to find out what a man can do up there unarmed.
Marshal Simon Fry: It might be fatal, too.

[after a long fight, Clay captures or kills the entire family of scalpers]
Clay McCord: Where did you come?
Chiva: I watch whole time.
Clay McCord: You certainly where a big help.
Chiva: Such great man of peace no need help.

[last lines]
Clay McCord: I knew there was something fishy about his story, but then, that's Clay McCord. He'll fight harder to keep the peace then most folks would fight to win a war - and then hide the fact that he got into a fight over it. Any wonder why I want him to keep his deputy badge whether he uses it or not?

"The Deputy: The Lesson (#2.16)" (1961)
[first lines]
Clay McCord: Are you Lex Denton?
Lex Danton: Yeah, that's right, but I didn't expect a welcoming committee.
Clay McCord: Marshal Fry sent word you were headed in this direction.
Lex Danton: Any law against that?
Clay McCord: Well, that depends on what you got in mind.
Lex Danton: Well, I'm here just like any other peaceful citizen.
Clay McCord: That don't hardly fit your description.
Lex Danton: Well, four years in prison more or less quiets a man down. Warden called it... rehabilitation.

Clay McCord: Folks are always tellin' kids what's right. No reason why it shouldn't work the other way for a change.

Jenkins: We got scared, but we're not scared now. We're ready to fight to keep you here.
Alden: We had no right in breaking that contract with you in the first place.
Clay McCord: You're still a teacher here.
Mary Willis: Thank you.

"The Deputy: Final Payment (#1.26)" (1960)
Kemmer: Evenin', McCord.
[points to the deputy's badge pinned to Clay's vest]
Kemmer: Goin' into a new business, I see.
Deputy Clay McCord: I'm hopin' this'll get me back to my old one.

Deputy Clay McCord: I'm sorry, Mrs. Groat, but as far as I'm concerned, Kemmer's just a gun with your husband's finger on the trigger.

"The Deputy: The Chain of Action (#1.32)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Simon, I'd ask the Commissioner for a stay of execution. As long as Schofield's alive, you might be able to worm it out of him.
Marshal Simon Fry: If he stays alive, he'll have the best reason in the world to keep his mouth shut! I'm sorry, Clay, the court's sentence has got to be carried out.
Clay McCord: Did the court intend to sentence Ricky Harper to a life of blindness?

Claudia: You killed him!
Clay McCord: I hope not. I got to get him back to Bisbee for his hangin'.

"The Deputy: The Hidden Motive (#1.19)" (1960)
Clay McCord: It just doesn't make sense, Simon. Aaron's father left him the place in good shape. There wasn't any reason for him to turn rustler.
Marshal Simon Fry: Two places you ain't likely to see the inside of - a man's heart and his pocketbook.

Herk Lamson: First thing I'm going to do in the morning is organize a posse. I'm going to cover them hills like a blanket.
Clay McCord: What I need is a blanket for tonight. Bringing that Grissom herd home sure wearied by bones.
Herk Lamson: Well, we didn't waste the whole day, Clay. At least we found out cowpokin' ain't for storekeepers.
Clay McCord: Good night, Herk.
Herk Lamson: Ohhh... It ain't for marshals, either.

"The Deputy: Marked for Bounty (#1.28)" (1960)
[Ralph has escaped from prison so he can see his father one last time before the old man dies]
Clay McCord: I'm going to take you in, Ralph.
Ralph Jenson: What do you mean?
Clay McCord: Lock you up. You haven't forgot I'm a deputy, have ya?
Ralph Jenson: Look, Clay, I'm going back to Tannersville as soon as I've seen my father. I swear I am!
Clay McCord: Unless I take you into my custody, you're likely to be going back dead. That bounty hunter's inside.

[Simon discovers Clay chained to a post with a dead bounty hunter lying at his feet]
Clay McCord: Funny, just a few minutes ago, he was remakrkin' how many men had died for obstructin' justice.
Marshal Simon Fry: You don't look like the prettiest picture of justice I've ever seen, but you sure look like the most obstructed.

"The Deputy: A Time to Sow (#1.30)" (1960)
Clay McCord: I still can't see McCullough gettin' mixed up in a thing like this.
Marshal Simon Fry: You never know what an honest citizen will do when he gets the short end of a business deal, gets hurt, feels injured and then some weasel like Frazier comes along and shows him how to get even. Sometimes even an honest citizen will buy.

Harris: You know, Clay, I've seen men pinwheel a gun in my time and I've seen some fancy use of the border shift, too, but I ain't ever seen anybody use both tricks on the same draw.
Clay McCord: He's a gunfighter if ever I've seen one.

"The Deputy: The Edge of Doubt (#2.23)" (1961)
[Jerry returns Clay's pistol]
Jerry Kirk: I hope that's the last time I ever have to use one of those.
Clay McCord: I've been hopin' that about everybody for a long time, Jerry

[Clay and Jerry trick the real murderer into confessing to his crime]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Clay, the next time you want to risk your neck on a silly stunt like this, will you leave me out of it?
Clay McCord: There was nothing risky about it, Sarge. It was you who was keepin' company with that murderer, not me.

"The Deputy: Sally Tornado (#2.10)" (1960)
Clay McCord: I was raised in an orphanage along with a lot of other kids without a name. Sally Tornado - you know how I got that name? By fightin'! I was a scrawny little kid, so I didn't get enough to eat until I was twelve. I used to fight everything and everybody. It took me a long time to figure how to get things in this world.
Sally Tornado: By stealin' and killin'?
Clay McCord: That's better than askin' for it and havin' people say "No".

[last lines]
Clay McCord: Hope you ain't too disappointed about her missin' the hangin'.
Marshal Simon Fry: Can't say I am.
Clay McCord: 'Cause if you wanted her to be there for sure you could have taken her yourself.
Marshal Simon Fry: I had to go to Tucson.
Clay McCord: Yeah.
Marshal Simon Fry: I didn't want to see her hang any more than you did, Clay. I went to Tucson to plead with the Territorial Commissioner. I asked him to spare her life.
Clay McCord: What'd he say?
Marshal Simon Fry: Commutation was granted. Sentence was changed to life imprisonment. So, you see, she wouldn't have hanged anyway.
Clay McCord: Still, it's better this way, Simon. Sally Tornado locked up in prison for the rest of her life... she'd have died more than once. It's better this way - a lot better.

"The Deputy: The Legend of Dixie (#2.33)" (1961)
[Clay shot a would-be bank robber]
Dixie Miller: How-How'd you happen to come along?
Clay McCord: Now, Dixie, don't you hold it against me, but that story you told me back at the saloon could have been true or it could have been a lie - so I followed you.
Dixie Miller: I don't blame you, Mr. McCord. I'm just a fat old man who don't deserve anybody's confidence.
Clay McCord: Now, I don't go along with you there. I got a whole lot of confidence in a man who's just pure poison to bank robbers.

Clay McCord: Whatja doin' here any how?
Marshal Simon Fry: Now just a minute, Clay. Let's get one thing straight. If things have reached the pass where the Chief Marshal gotta answer questions from a deputy before he gets around to answerin' his own, you and me better change jobs.

"The Deputy: The Challenger (#2.22)" (1961)
[Clay objects when Sarge proposes to fight a professional to earn money his friend needs desperately]
Clay McCord: Goin' six rounds with a professional and ain't like a saloon free-for-all. Titan's in trainin' all the time. He'd scramble your brain.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: The man ain't been born that could do that.
Clay McCord: Why? Ain't you got any?

[Clay is trying to train Sarge for his upcoming boxing match]
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Come on, Clay, let's rest a little bit, huh.
Clay McCord: Rest? You ain't run ten miles yet, Sarge.
Clay McCord: Well, I'm fightin' the champ - I ain't runnin' against him!

"The Deputy: The Fatal Urge (#2.4)" (1960)
Clay McCord: You ain't likely to find a needle in this haystack, Simon.
Marshal Simon Fry: Not unless it stands up and stuck us.

Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Who bushwhacked ya?
Clay McCord: Martha Jackson.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: But I thought she was a lady.
Clay McCord: I ain't figured her out yet.

"The Deputy: Back to Glory (#1.3)" (1959)
[Clay and Herk are preparing to whip a criminal]
Herk Lamson: See that anthill at your feet, Clay? Ants are sure partial to open wounds.
Clay McCord: How many lashes do you figure he'll need?
Herk Lamson: Well, it all depends. The last man I whipped took 80 lashes before he turned obligin'. 'Course, if Mr. Cowan is going to be stubborn, we'll just have to leave it up to the ants to change his nature.

Clay McCord: Where's Doc Miller?
Marshal Simon Fry: If it's about Fran, she's okay. Seems getting kicked in the head by a horse don't have no effect on you McCords.

"The Deputy: The Orphans (#1.15)" (1959)
Clay McCord: We have to tell Hector Pratt. We can't let him go off alone in that wagon.
Herk Lamson: Want a gun?
[Heck lists the coat of his Santa Claus costume and reveals a small arsenal of pistols]
Clay McCord: Santa...

Timmy: Will Santa Claus be in Kansas City in time for Christmas, Uncle Heck?
Herk Lamson: Sure he will!
Timmy: Are you sure?
Herk Lamson: Of course I'm sure, Timmy. He told me himself.
Timmy: He did? When?
Herk Lamson: He sent me a telegram this morning.
Clay McCord: He signed it Simon Fry, but that's only a name he uses when it ain't Christmas.

"The Deputy: Tension Point (#2.28)" (1961)
[Clay's posse surrounds the Meadows' gang who are holding Simon and the Bakers hostage]
Clay McCord: We'll just wait and hope.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: It sure ain't gonna be easy, sittin' here waitin'.
Clay McCord: Maybe you'd rather be inside waitin'.

Clay McCord: Well, I'm glad to see I got here in time.
Marshal Simon Fry: I'd like to sweat off ten pounds waitin' for ya.
Clay McCord: Looks good on ya. You was beginnin' to plump up a bit from all that easy livin'.

"The Deputy: The Deadly Breed (#2.1)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Miss Desmond, may I talk to you a minute?
Julie: What are you, the postscript? You tell Marshal Fry his message was quite clear!

[last lines]
Marshal Simon Fry: Sure does remind me of the way her mother was.
Clay McCord: You're bankin' an awful lot on her goin' straight. Do you really think she'll make it?
Marshal Simon Fry: Depends.
Clay McCord: On what?
Marshal Simon Fry: On whether she's really as much like her mother as she looks. Hasta luego.

"The Deputy: The X Game (#1.35)" (1960)
[Allison's horse races off into the trees]
Tomaso: He will go home.
Clay McCord: Starfire is free to go where he wants to. Wish I could say the same for you and Queed.

"The Deputy: The Shackled Town (#2.20)" (1961)
Pedro O'Brien: I am Pedro O'Brien.
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: Pedro O'Brien? You Irish?
Pedro O'Brien: No, senor. My father, when he come from Mexico, he love this country so much, he change his name.
Deputy Clay McCord: What does he think of this country now?
Pedro O'Brien: He's dead, senor, and it's better that he is.

"The Deputy: The Truly Yours (#1.29)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Drop that gun.
Coffer: I'd just soon go out in gunsmoke as at the end of a rope.

"The Deputy: Ma Mack (#1.39)" (1960)
Clay McCord: I'm sorry, Reece. I guess wearin' this badge don't make a man as smart as he'd like to think.

"The Deputy: The Wild Wind (#1.2)" (1959)
[last lines]
[Charlotte kisses Clay]
Charlotte Nelson: I don't know how I'll ever by able to thank you enough.
Clay McCord: We'll you're doing pretty well at it.
Herk Lamson: [to Clay] They pay you better these days than they did when I was a young deputy.
Clay McCord: That's a fact, Herk.

"The Deputy: The Stand-Off (#1.36)" (1960)
Clay McCord: What are you tryin' to prove?
Frank Engle: There ain't no lawman that I can't out-think, out-fight or out-last.

"The Deputy: Past and Present (#2.17)" (1961)
[last lines]
Clay McCord: Herb shot Calico Bill, his own brother, when we were movin' in on 'em.
Marshal Simon Fry: Well, that's why I guess I picked you for the job, Clay. You're onery and stubborn, but you do your own thinkin'... Well, don't get all misty eyed about it. Go out and see if there's any law-breakin' goin' on. I've got to catch up on my sleep.

"The Deputy: Duty Bound (#2.15)" (1961)
Clay McCord: I don't know. Maybe Sarge has the right idea.
Marshal Simon Fry: He might - I hope so. There's one thing you gotta learn, Clay. There's the right way to do things and there's the Army way.

"The Deputy: Spoken in Silence (#2.31)" (1961)
Clay McCord: How come you're so all fired set on goin' with Laura, Sarge?
Sergeant Hapgood Tasker: How come? Why imagine ridin' all the way to Boston with a woman who'd let me do all the talkin'!
Marshal Simon Fry: Somethin' tells me if you were to go, she'd just close her eyes and turn you off.

"The Deputy: Land Greed (#1.13)" (1959)
Marshal Simon Fry: Sure wish I was in church that morning when Emma Gant came stormin' in. You oughta let me know when you're going to have entertainment like that in Silver City. What did Parson Leeds do about it?
Clay McCord: What could he do? She's bigger than he is.

"The Deputy: The Two Faces of Bob Claxton (#1.23)" (1960)
Clay McCord: Your brothers are forcin' you to do this, aren't they? Well, now is your chance to break away! Tell 'em you're goin' straight.
Bob Claxton: Goin' straight to my hangin', you mean.

"The Deputy: Palace of Chance (#1.34)" (1960)
Clay McCord: What reward?
Marshal Simon Fry: The two hundred dollars they're offerin' for this hombre.
[Simon hands Clay a wanted poster]
Clay McCord: The Cherokee Kid? Don't be funny, Simon. He's still got eight years to serve in the territorial prison.
Marshal Simon Fry: Night before last he figured he'd done enough time - killed a guard and broke out.

"The Deputy: The Hard Decision (#2.18)" (1961)
[Clay has just shot Jimmie Burke trying to escape]
Deputy Clay McCord: Well, he was right about one thing - he said Alvy'd never let him hang.

"The Deputy: The Higher Law (#2.7)" (1960)
Clay McCord: What is this, Mr. Rivers?
Jack Rivers: What's it look like?
Clay McCord: Well, to most people it would look like gold dust, but to me, it's evidence.

"The Deputy: Powder Keg (#1.5)" (1959)
Herk Lamson: Fran, why is a young and pretty girl like you working so late?
Fran McCord: Just putting some merchandise out for tomorrow's rush and I've got just the thing for you - new from the East. They go around your shoes... they're call "spits".
Clay McCord: Spats! They're kind of a vest for your boots. You might be interested, Herk. Keeps your foot clean in case you're going to put your foot in your mouth.