Georgia Nicolson
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Georgia Nicolson (Character)
from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

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Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)
Georgia Nicolson: Look, I can't go out with you, because... because... because I'm a lesbian.

Georgia Nicolson: If you haven't noticed I am a woman now. I wear a bra!

Georgia Nicolson: Libby! Stop putting Angus in the fridge.

Robbie: I wrote a song about you.
Georgia Nicolson: Really?
Robbie: Yeah. It's called "Bitch in Uniform".

Georgia Nicolson: Libby! Stop licking Robbie!

Georgia Nicolson: I don't care anymore about looking perfect, it's so overrated! I don't need a nose job or blond hair, cos my sex-god boyfriend likes me JUST the way I am!

Georgia Nicolson: I'm not boylingual yet.

Wet Lindsay: [notices Georgia walk into a party dressed as a stuffed olive and starts laughing at her] And what are you supposed to be, an obese leprechaun?
Georgia Nicolson: Anyone can see I'm a stuffed olive.
Wet Lindsay: Stuffed is right!

Wet Lindsay: [sees Georgia waving at Robbie] What are you waving at minger?
[she waves at Robbie, and faces off against Georgia]
Wet Lindsay: Listen, short arse, keep away from my man. He's not a cradle-snatcher, and you're not woman enough for him. So BACK OFF!
Georgia Nicolson: I wasn't looking at anybody!