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Michael Hogan (Character)
from "Valerie's Family: The Hogans" (1986)

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"Valerie's Family: The Hogans: Oedipus Wrecks (#2.19)" (1987)
Michael Hogan: [after recounting the horrible flight he just piloted] I tell you, by the time the plane landed, I was ready to murder someone. Hi Dave.
David Hogan: [hugging his father and very apologetic] Dad, I'm sorry!
Michael Hogan: What? What, it's not your fault, Dave. What's the matter with him?
David Hogan: I didn't mean to, I know I was wrong! And I promise I'll never take your car even if my life depended on it! But I'll make it up to you dad, please, please, you gotta forgive me!
Michael Hogan: Forgive you, David? What fo... My caaaar? Val, he said something about my car!

Valerie Hogan: Here's what happened, Mike. He took the car out for a short ride...
Michael Hogan: He WHAT?
David Hogan: Yeah. And I was in an accident.
Michael Hogan: An accident?
Valerie Hogan: Yes. A bad accident. And although he's fine, the car was totalled.
Michael Hogan: Totalled? How totalled?
Valerie Hogan: Totally totalled.
Michael Hogan: Totally totalled?
Valerie Hogan: Wrecked, Mike. Bashed. Gone. Pfft. The car is no more.
David Hogan: [suddenly hugging him with Valerie in between them] I'm sorry, Dad!
Michael Hogan: Oh, wait a minute, ok, ha ha ha, bad joke, guys.
Valerie Hogan: Oh, no, We're not joking. We're not, honey, would that it were a joke. We have pictures here that we took for the insurance company.
[hands him pictures]
Michael Hogan: [looking at them] What is this?
David Hogan: It's your car.
Michael Hogan: This? THIS? This is not my car. No, how can this be my car?
Valerie Hogan: Well, if you sort of put the pictures together like that, then you can see that it, uh, it's uh...
Michael Hogan: [with grief in his voice] My car!

"Valerie's Family: The Hogans: Skip III: The Bailout (#3.18)" (1988)
Michael Hogan: I still can't figure out why that cylinder head temp gauge didn't show we were overheating.
Skip Franklin: Aw, that thing never worked right. Mmmm, honey, with coffee like this, you're gonna have no trouble hooking a man.
Sandy Hogan: I'll bring a thermos along on my next date.
Michael Hogan: Wait a minute, wait, wait a minute. Skip, what do you mean, that gauge never worked right?
Skip Franklin: When you've been flying as long as I have, who needs gauges?
Michael Hogan: You mean you took us up in a plane knowing it had faulty equipment?
Skip Franklin: Well, I got a little behind on some maintenance but fixing one gauge wouldn't have necessarily made a difference.
Michael Hogan: That's not a chance I would have taken. Not with my life. And certainly not with my son's!
Skip Franklin: Mike, don't get your shorts in an uproar.
Michael Hogan: The FAA is gonna ask what I know. And I'm gonna have to tell him the truth.
Skip Franklin: Mike, they nail me for reckless and careless, I'll lose my flight certificate.
Michael Hogan: I'm not gonna lie for you, Skip. I trusted you. I'll see you down there.
[leaves the house in a controlled huff]
Skip Franklin: I can't believe he'd turn me in for one little mishap.
Sandy Hogan: Uh, Skip, you almost killed yourself, your best friend, and one of his children.
Skip Franklin: Well, it's obvious whose side you're on!

"Valerie's Family: The Hogans: Burned Out (#3.3)" (1987)
Sandy Hogan: I just want you to remember something. We are all very lucky to be alive.
Willie Hogan: I don't feel very lucky.
Mark Hogan: Yeah, me neither.
David Hogan: Yeah, but you are. I mean, we all are.
Michael Hogan: How's that, Dave?
David Hogan: Uh, no, nothing.
Michael Hogan: No, no no. Come on, come on. You seem to be handling this better than your brothers.
David Hogan: Well, I remember driving down the street, seeing our house on fire and, uh, not knowing where you were. I never felt so lonely. I mean that is the most frightened that I have ever been. And as I ran, I prayed. Dear God, I just lost my mother. Don't take them too.
Sandy Hogan: [touched] Oh, Dave.
David Hogan: But when I came up and I saw you all standing there all together, and ok... I never felt so lucky. So, uh, happy. Even while I was watching our house go up in flames. Well, are we gonna have dinner or what?
Sandy Hogan: Get the salad.
Michael Hogan: Hey, how about a little music, huh?
Michael Hogan: [everyone sits down to dinner] Would anybody like to say grace?
Sandy Hogan: [after a pause] I think Dave just did.