Cal McCaffrey
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Cal McCaffrey (Character)
from "State of Play" (2003)

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State of Play (2009)
Cal McAffrey: Do you have a pen?

[last lines]
Cal McAffrey: Good night everybody. See you tomorrow...

Cal McAffrey: The newspaper article he types reads: Three Deaths Tied to Gulf War Army Associate New evidence links Rep. Stephen Collins with the suspect in the killings of three people, including Sonia baker, the congressman's political researcher. When confronted by the Washington Globe with information tying him to suspect Robert Bingham, Collins admitted he had directed his former Army associate to follow Baker after learning that she was secretly on the payroll of military contractor PointCorp. Collins, the chairman of the committee investigating PointCorp's government deals, said he authorized Bingham only "to observe" Baker. He said he never intended for her to be harmed. "He just did it," Collins said of Bingham. "He seemed more upset about what she was doing than I was." When police went to arrest Bingham at his Northern Virginia apartment last night, he was found dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A rifle was next to his body. Investigators said they believe Bingham pushed Baker to her death under a Metro train earlier this week and later shot two witnesses, Deshaun Stagg and Vernon Sando, to silence them.

Cal McAffrey: Mornin'...
Cameron Lynne: So? Where are we, was he nobbing her or not?
Cal McAffrey: Morning, Cam...
Cameron Lynne: That's funny about you. Every time your friend runs for re-election or conducts a hearing, you drop his name to me until we give him some coverage... but he finally does something that actually might sell some newspapers, you render mute. It's, it's - incongruous!
Cal McAffrey: No, it's not... it's inconsistent.
Cameron Lynne: Pfff, don't be an ass. What do you think? Those are the ideas for our facelift. I know, I know... it's crap! Our new owners have this odd idea that we ought to be turning a profit.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, well I hear our online site is doing great. I mean, not that I get to notice that sort of thing. I've been here what, uhh... fifteen years? I use a sixteen year old computer... she's been here fifteen minutes and she can launch a Russian satellite with the gear she's got.
Cameron Lynne: Yeah, she told me you behaved like a pig.
Cal McAffrey: That's too strong.
Cameron Lynne: Well, pig-ish.
Cal McAffrey: I showed her a little snout, uhuh.
Cameron Lynne: Well, I happen to like miss Della Frye... and yes, I did send her down there to winkle something out of you. She's hungry, she's cheap and she churns up copy every hour.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, I now... I'm overfed, I'm too expensive and I take way too long.
Cameron Lynne: Yes, you do.
Cal McAffrey: I was Stephen Collins' room-mate in college... I don't live with him now.
Cameron Lynne: Well, that's a shame isn't it.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah... 'cause I could sell some newspapers.

Rep. Stephen Collins: [sarcastically] I see you redecorated.
Cal McAffrey: Yeah, I moved the couch a couple of feet.

Rep. Stephen Collins: Am I talking to my friend now or am I talking to a reporter?
Cal McAffrey: I gotta be both.

Della Frye: [referring to Foy] And why do you think he's gonna talk?
Hank: Because he's scared.
Della Frye: How do you know?
Cal McAffrey: Because I'm gonna scare him.

Rep. George Fergus: What's up? How did you find me?
Cal McAffrey: I followed the trail of crumbs, congressman.

Della Frye: I'm not giving up this story! Sorry... If I could just... I just need a few more days with it, I promise I'm not gonna let you down.
Cameron Lynne: Oh for Christ's sake. Don't throw those dewey cub-reporter eyes at me, it's nauseating.
[Rachel McAdams smiles as Mirren is letting her stay on the story]
Cameron Lynne: Fuck you very much.
Cal McAffrey: Pleasure.

"State of Play: Episode #1.3" (2003)
Dominic Foy: Well, what kind of money are we talking?
Cameron Foster: Nobody's talking money.
Cal McCaffrey: Unless you've got something we couldn't get anywhere else.
Dominic Foy: Make me an offer.

Anne Collins: Stephen was all over the place. I got your message first - arrested; then his - summoned for questioning. I've got journalists hammering on my bloody door and the kids wanted to know what the hell's going on. Why WERE you arrested ?
Cal McCaffrey: Tactical.
Anne Collins: Andrew Wilson's saying everything's going to blow over but it's all going in the wrong direction. I just don't know what I'm going to do... If Stephen was seriously involved in something, you'd tell me, wouldn't you ?
[Notices Cal is getting undressed]
Anne Collins: What are you doing ?
Cal McCaffrey: I could have emailed you answers to all that. Now, we can talk about Stephen or we can do what we came for, but I can't do both, Anne.

Cal McCaffrey: Hi, thanks for coming
[to visit him in prison]
Cal McCaffrey: .
Cameron Foster: Well, it's a first, so it's a pleasure... Don't eat the food. And Adam swears to me that he can get you bail, so don't take anal sex for granted. And I'll see you back in the office, uh... before you're 40.

DCI William Bell: Who gave you the briefcase, Mr. McCaffrey ?
Cal McCaffrey: For the tape, this is the second time I've asked for a phone call.
DCI William Bell: What part of a professional journalist pretended evidence like this should be kept from the police ?
Cal McCaffrey: Phone call.
DCI William Bell: The greedy part ?
Cal McCaffrey: Phone call.
DCI William Bell: Or the part protecting his mate, Stephen Collins ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, I worked for him... once... about nine years ago. He didn't do it... Phone call.
DCI William Bell: When he sheltered from the press, he came to your house.
Cal McCaffrey: So ?
DCI William Bell: Well, he denied anything to do with her death.
Cal McCaffrey: Well, he didn't deny it, no, because he was never asked.
DCI William Bell: Never remotely crossed your mind ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, he was on a train; she went under another.
DCI William Bell: Somebody paid for a professional hit man.
Cal McCaffrey: The briefcase implies that, yeah.
DCI William Bell: But you're excluding the VERY public figure who'd have everything to gain by getting rid of her. How come ?
Cal McCaffrey: If the reason you're keeping me here is to stop me doing a better job than you can, then I would be seriously embarrassed about that. You know ? I'd want to lead, not follow.
Cameron Foster: Well, you asked for that... when I said ten minutes ago this was getting repetitive. Were either of you listening ?

Anne Collins: [voice on answering machine] Hi, it's Anne Collins. I'm sorry I can't get to the phone but if you leave your name and your number, I'll get back to you.
Cal McCaffrey: At least I heard a bit of you. I hope this is the first thing you hear when you wake up. How are you ? I've been thinking about you. A bit more than I should. Hah. I've got half a dozen people out here thinking I'm making a phone call to my next of kin. I've been arrested so... I don't know when I'm going to get a chance to speak to you again. I just wanted to say... good morning.

DCI William Bell: Della Smith's on her way back, a bit confused as to why a trusted friend and colleague left her wide open. Do you explain or do I keep on speculating ?
Cal McCaffrey: An established journalist is arrested for protecting a contact. Now that's going to hit the evening papers in a few hours. Maybe even the telly.
DCI William Bell: What, you think that scares me ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, if I'm in here, refusing to surrender "vital information" because it might jeopardize a contact... and I'm the only person you're holding, then no hit man's going to give two shits about Della Smith, is he?
DCI William Bell: That's a very dangerous maneuver, Mr. McCaffrey.
Cal McCaffrey: Well, it's my choice.
DCI William Bell: [to Sgt. Cheweski] Make it look like we've relaxed supervision on Della Smith. LOOK LIKE. Plain clothes only. And find a decoy for Della. Get a support unit together.
DCI William Bell: [to Cal] Right, can we talk properly or are you going to be dragging the lawyers in again ?
Cal McCaffrey: I didn't sponsor a hitman for a headline, Inspector. That happened. I'm here because I want him caught. Like you do. So why don't you get your press people to publicize this arrest and then we can all get on with the story.
DCI William Bell: It's a case, not a story.

"State of Play: Episode #1.2" (2003)
Cal McCaffrey: Why is the party pushing for Stephen Collins to do another press conference?
Helen Preger: This is a good start. I haven't heard about that.
Pete Cheng: Me neither.
Cal McCaffrey: Apparently the Mail's got information he was about to leave his wife.
Cameron Foster: He's only an MP. Why are they throwing a press conference behind that ?
Helen Preger: He's chairman of the Energy Select. Which is independent of the government but just the fact he got the job means he's one to watch. Everybody I've talked to tips Stephen Collins for the Cabinet within the next few years.
Della Smith: That must be true because the spin doctors have talked Anne Collins into appearing at the press conference alongside him. She's on the 9:30 train from Manchester. They'll announcement it at twelve. She's due at the podium at 3 to get them time to brief her on what to say when, apparently.
Cameron Foster: Is this true ? Is he confirming or denying a long-term affair now ?
Cal McCaffrey: How would you like me to phrase that, exactly ? "Had your girlfriend not gone under a train, would you have left your wife for her?"
Cameron Foster: It's a fair question, translated into "adult."

Della Smith: [Della and Cal are trying to convince their editor to hire someone] He's done good investigative work with the "Indie" and the "Mail."
Cal McCaffrey: And if we're talking working ethic, the guy never sleeps.
Della Smith: We think he's got information worth having. And we know for a fact that he's not signed a contract with the "Mail."
Cameron Foster: He's a pisshead. The reason he never sleeps is because he can't turn his back on a drink. He's too young mentally. Loudmouthed bloody typist - that's all you get with him.
Cal McCaffrey: And he's dedicated freelance. So you only have to pay for what you get... Cameron, he knows something... Honestly, he's useful.
Cameron Foster: Do we know what he's earning?
Cal McCaffrey: He hasn't even mentioned money, so he wants this.
Cameron Foster: Don't give him any cash advance expenses. He'll only blow it on the strung out freak he married when he was about twelve. Have you met her ? Lunatic ! Wedding was a total farce. Gareth Gates meets "Betty Blue."
[to Dan]
Cameron Foster: Oi !

"State of Play: Episode #1.6" (2003)
Cal McCaffrey: Tell me this, 'cause I don't get it. What did you think you could ever have achieved... however high you went, that was worth demolishing all those families ?

"State of Play: Episode #1.5" (2003)
Cameron Foster: Come in !
[Cal enters Cameron's office]
Cameron Foster: Cal McCaffrey, Yvonne Shaps, legal executive. As from now, Yvonne will be making all my headline decisions for me.
Yvonne Shaps: Nowhere near true. I'm here to avoid us printing material that invites more writs than readers. I've withdrawn the appeal against the injunction.
Cal McCaffrey: Oh... great first move.
Yvonne Shaps: On the grounds that we shouldn't be spending legals defending a story that couldn't defend itself.
Cal McCaffrey: That story is good. It's better than good.
Yvonne Shaps: Bits of it are. You can't accuse an international corporation of murder without evidence !
Cal McCaffrey: Implying responsibility.
Yvonne Shaps: You paid an anonymous source for a briefcase containing instructions for the assassination of Sonia Baker.
Cal McCaffrey: Requiring less implication.
Yvonne Shaps: Anonymous source is nowhere near good enough for something this size! If you can't back it, we can't print it... Oh please don't look at me like that message just came from Mars.
Cal McCaffrey: Uh, listen Yvonne. I don't know who sent you but, um, well you'd have to be pretty thick...
Cameron Foster: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No spitting. No, Yvonne's not saying the big no. Just little noes until we get a version of the story we CAN print.
Cal McCaffrey: Cameron, Cameron, if we don't go with this and soon, it'll be hijacked by every...
Cal McCaffrey: I know ! Shut up ! Maybe that's Yvonne's secret plan. We'll find out. Why don't you go and, uh, and type something, uh, lovely and then we'll calm down and regroup when she's had a chance to read it intelligently ?