Janet Hartigan
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Janet Hartigan (Character)
from Smart People (2008)

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Smart People (2008)
Lawrence Wetherhold: Why would you have a baby with me?
Janet Hartigan: Because you don't know how to properly use a condom.
Lawrence Wetherhold: Message received.

Lawrence Wetherhold: Just go home and get some sleep, and get the perfect SAT score.
Vanessa Wetherhold: That's what I've been trying to do.
Lawrence Wetherhold: mercurial...
Vanessa Wetherhold: I learned that word in the 5th grade.
Lawrence Wetherhold: fecundity...
Vanessa Wetherhold: Ah, English is my first language.
Lawrence Wetherhold: uxorious...
Vanessa Wetherhold: That's appropriately obscure - mind you I know it. Overly fond of one's wife.
Lawrence Wetherhold: That's my girl.
Janet Hartigan: I have a good one. eft...
Vanessa Wetherhold: Let me ponder... Short in stature. Diminutive.
Janet Hartigan: No I'm sorry, eft is a young newt.

Janet Hartigan: I'm sorry I called you an arrogant windbag the other night.
Lawrence Wetherhold: You called me a *pompous* windbag the other night.

Janet Hartigan: [shows up uninvited] Am I interrupting anything?
Chuck Wetherhold: No, welcome. We could use some anti-venom in the snake pit.

Janet Hartigan: I like suburban Pittsburgh for Christmas.
Lawrence Wetherhold: Yes. Really gliferous. Euro. Paris of uh, western Pennsylvania.