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Cynder (Character)
from The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) (VG)

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The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) (VG)
Cynder: Spyro! Spyro, open your eyes. Get up!
Spyro: Cynder, what happened? Where are we?
Cynder: I don't know. It's all a blur.
Spyro: Yeah, me too. My head's pounding.
Cynder: Shhh. Wait! That's not your head. I heard it too.
Spyro: What is that?... Sparx, is that you?
[room lights up revealing it's a large coliseum, filled with enemies]
Cynder: ...For once, I wish it was.

Sparx: Hey! Spyro, man, you're alive!
Spyro: Sparx! It's good to see you too! You okay?
Sparx: Huh, you know, little stiff, voice keeps changing, but I'm good.
Cynder: Hey this reunion is really touching and everything, but should we be going, unless you want for that thing to climb back up. I'd hate to think what it might do to Sparx.
[notices Hunter across the room]
Spyro: Who is he?
Sparx: I don't know. All he said was, "Shhh, you're making too much noise".
Cynder: I like him already.

Cynder: [struggling with their magic shackles] Ah, it's no use.
Spyro: Maybe if we try twisting it...
Cynder: Twist what? It's magic!
Sparx: Hehe... I could watch this all day.

Hunter of Avalar: I feel vibrations in the earth. We must be getting close.
Sparx: Finally!
Spyro: I've never seen the Dragon City before.
Hunter of Avalar: It was built long ago by the moles in honor of their friendship with the dragons. Before Malefor, dragons were quite revered.
Cynder: Sshh!
Hunter of Avalar: I heard it too. Quickley!
[rushes outside]
Hunter of Avalar: ... It has begun.
[revealing the massive army of Malefor marching towards the city]

Mason: They're retreating!
Cynder: This is odd. Why are they retreating when they were so close to taking the city?
Sparx: "Why are they retreating when they're so..." Who cares?
Hunter of Avalar: I feel it too. Something's not right.
Spyro: They're turning around! Look!
[the army stops retreating as the Earth Golem rises from volcano]
Sparx: [shivering] Hush little baby... don't say a word. Mam's gonna buy you... a big monster wants to kill me...

Ignitus: Cyril, the city is burning. See what you can do about it! Volteer, try and distract it's vision. Terrador, follow me! We'll attack it head on!
Hunter of Avalar: Spyro, Cynder, go and find shelter, leave us to deal with this.
Cynder: What are we going to do?
Sparx: What do you mean "what are we going to..." Didn't you just hear Hunter?
Spyro: We're not leaving! We can stop this!

Spyro: It's up to us... If we don't stop it now, it will destroy everything!
Cynder: Alright... I'm with you.
Sparx: Why, why do I keep going along with this?

Spyro: The Dark Master... he's returned hasn't he?
Hunter of Avalar: I am afraid so... just shortly after your disappearance. He struck quickly, fueled by hatred and malice, reclaiming the throne at the temple, which through some dark magic, he now suspends above the land... a symbol of his dominance. We've been at war ever since. And everyday, his forces grow stronger, and ours lose hope.
Spyro: I failed... They were all counting on me and I failed. How could I let this happen?
Cynder: Some things are beyond your control. You shouldn't blame yourself.
Hunter of Avalar: Spyro, you're lucky to be alive, all of you. That was no ordinary creature back there. It was an ancient earth golem from the deep. They are the embodiment of destruction summoned by Malefor himself. These are dark times.
Spyro: He needs to be stopped. I have to stop him.
Sparx: Woah woah woah! Slow down tough guy. We don't need to go around picking fights. I mean, we just woke up after being frozen for three years... Got stuff to do.

Chief Prowlus: Dragons... Bah. Do you have such little respect for our laws, that you form an alliance with the very ones who caused all our misfortunes?
Hunter of Avalar: Chief Prowlus! Malefor... he alone is the one responsible. This dragon is our last hope... You must see that!
Chief Prowlus: Yes, yes... The purple dragon... I know the story! But unlike you, I have not forgotten what they say Malefor was like when he was young... And I have not forgotten either was SHE has done. I relied on you, Hunter, as I must rely on all of us in this village to protect it. But you chose to abandon us... and bring the dangers of the outside world with you when you returned.
Hunter of Avalar: The dangers are already around us! Don't pretend to ignore them!
Sparx: Hey can't you guys stop arguing? It's getting awkward for everybody.
Cheetah Warrior: Grublins! In the valley! Prepare your weapons!
Chief Prowlus: Now see what you've done?
Spyro: Let us go! We can help!
Chief Prowlus: Our warriors can handle this.
Cynder: Now is not the time to be stubborn!
Sparx: Hey, a lot of weird stuff happens when they get upset. I'd listen to them if I were you.

Meadow: Thank you... friends. You saved my life.
Sparx: Finally, some gratitude. You're welcome.
Meadow: You've met Chief Prowlus no doubt. Not all of us are of the same mind.
Cynder: Well that's putting it mildly, isn't it?
Spyro: Can you move? We need to get you out of here.
Meadow: I'm sorry... I'm afraid my leg is broken... Just go back to the village and tell them where I am...
Spyro: Your leader doesn't trust us. If we return without you, he'll likely assume the worst...
Cynder: Yeah, and blame us for it.
Meadow: Ugh, the fool. I understand. There is a raft at the far end of the valley. If you can bring it here, perhaps I could pull myself onto it.
Spyro: Okay, we'll do it.
Meadow: To launch it, you'll need the weights from the supply cave, but it's locked.
Sparx: Oh, that figures
Meadow: There is a hermit who lives beneath the waterfall at the other end of the valley. He has a key. But the cave is hidden... look for the markings on the wall to open the path.
Sparx: Oh, psst, easy... Uh, raft, cave... *mumble*... *mumble*... *mumble*... Got it! Yes!
Spyro: We'll come back for you. I promise.

Hermit: Come closer so I can see you in the light. Tell me, why have you returned here?
Spyro: What do you mean? I've never been here before.
Hermit: Not you! The female!
Cynder: You must be mistaken...
Hermit: Indeed, your appearance has changed, but not your eyes. Your eyes give everything away. You are the black dragon, Cynder; the terror of the skies... the Dark Master's puppet.
Cynder: I was... but... But I'm not anymore. I'm not proud of the things I've done.
Hermit: Oh, is it that simple... to turn your back on Malefor?
Spyro: You don't have to listen to him Cynder.
Hermit: Did you not recognize the creatures that moved in the shadows? The Apes too had served the Dark Master, but more for their own greed and thirst for power than any true loyalty to him. This is how Malefor repaid them... Doomed to remain in the dark... feeding off the power of others, never being fulfilled. You can run... but you cannot hide Cynder.
Spyro: Cynder! Let's go!
Hermit: Hahahaha! The Dark Master will find you... Hahahahahaha...
Spyro: Cynder... are you okay?
Cynder: I'm fine! I'll be fine.
Sparx: Well, I'm not! Was I the only one who was freaked out by that guy? *mumbles*... Sheesh, okay at least it wasn't a complete waste of time. Tadaa!
[Sparx reveals he swiped the key]
Sparx: Come on, whatcha waiting for?

Spyro: Ignitus...
Ignitus: Young dragon, you never cease to amaze me.
Terrador: We never lost hope that you would return. Ignitus made sure of that.
Spyro: I should have come back sooner. I let you all down. But that won't happen again.
Ignitus: Spyro, you've done more than anyone could expect of a dragon your age... What matters now is that you are here and, what's more, you've returned with your companions.
Cynder: Well, it's not like I've really had much of a choice in the matter, seeing as how we're stuck together.
[Spyro and Cynder reveal the magic chain]
Ignitus: Interesting... This device is foreign to me. Mason, what do you make of this?
Mason: Never have I seen such a thing. It has the mark of evil.
Ignitus: ...Likely crafted by Malefor himself. I fear we shall not be able to remove it.
Cynder: What! But there has to be a way!
Spyro: How can we fight back if we're made to fight like this?
Ignitus: Spyro, Cynder, you have done well to get this far, despite this. Do not view this chain as a hindrance... but allow it to be a reminder of the bond you two share. Your destinies are now intertwined. And that thought is a hopeful one.

Spyro: I know what I need to do. Just get out of here Cynder.
Cynder: Spyro, no... you don't have to do anything. Let's just go.
Spyro: Where Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to.
Cynder: Then I'm with you...

Cynder: Fight back! Why won't you fight back?
Spyro: Because you've left me nothing to fight for.
Cynder: There's always something.

Cynder: Spyro, how deep do you think that canyon is?
Spyro: I don't know... what are you getting at?
[Spyro clues in and looks in Sparx's direction]
Sparx: ...What? What are you looking at? Do I have something... is on my teeth?
[Behind Sparx is a large water dam]
Spyro: Cynder, you're a genius!
Cynder: I have my moments.

Cynder: We have to let all the water out, all at once.
Sparx: No, no... here's what we do. "We have to let ALL the water out, ALL at once..." You with me? Let's blow this dam thing up!

Spyro: Ignitus... what do we do?
Ignitus: There is no more that can be done. Listen to me, not much time is left. Everyone must get to shelter.
Cynder: What about the outline populations? And there are countless still inside Dragon City! They need to be warned!
Spyro: The Underground City... Ignitus, there are endless caved down there. We saw them. We can lead them there!
Ignitus: No, I need you and Cynder here with me. Hunter, send your falcons to the outlying regions and tell them to get beneath the surface, as deep as they can. Go! All of you!
Terrador: I know you're up to something Ignitus. I've known you for too long.
Ignitus: Go to the others Terrador. There will be panic and disorder... a strong leader will be needed. I'll find my way back once I get Spyro and Cynder through the belt of fire.
Spyro: We have to confront Malefor, don't we?
Ignitus: I see no other way. The belt is weakened, and this may be our only chance to break through.
Cynder: Yeah... if we aren't incinerated first.

Spyro: Sparx... you can't come with me.
Sparx: What... but I always go with you.
Ignitus: Spyro is right... you wouldn't survive in there.
Spyro: You need to make sure the others reach the Underground City in time. You've been there before. You can guide them.
Cynder: It's important Sparx.
Sparx: But you need me!
Spyro: Right now there are others that need you more.
Sparx: ...Cynder, you have to promise me you will look after him. We... we've been through a lot together.
Cynder: I promise.
Spyro: Be careful Sparx.
Sparx: Hey... it's me. Being careful is all I know.

Ignitus: I should be able to offer you some protection from the heat. Stay close to me.
[Ignitus forms a force field around himself, Spyro and Cynder as they head into the Belt of Fire. Soon, the force field starts to fade]
Spyro: Ignitus, let's turn back! There's got to be another way!
Ignitus: Spyro... Cynder... I've never done right by either of you. Allow me to do this...
Spyro: What are you saying?
Ignitus: My path ends here. But yours lies beyond this. Draw strength from each other and follow your heart... it will never fail you. Now go... go... GO!
[Ignitus sends Spyro and Cynder safely through the Belt of Fire, sacrificing himself in doing so]
Spyro: Ignitus! Noooooo...!
[tries to run back]
Cynder: Spyro, stop! It's too late! You can't do anything for him now!
Spyro: No... he isn't gone...
Cynder: Spyro... let it go.
Spyro: [Turning into Dark Spyro] No!
Cynder: No! Spyro, don't!
Spyro: You can't stop me!
Cynder: You're right. Only you can do that. Please Spyro. Don't do this. We have to go on, He wanted us too. We have to go on, He wanted us too.
Spyro: [Spyro turns back to normal] It wasn't supposed to be like this. I feel so alone.
Cynder: You're not alone.

Cynder: He's up there somewhere, isn't he? I don't know if I can go through with this.
Spyro: I don't know either. But we have to. You said it yourself, if we don't, then everything we've fought for... everything we've lost... It's all been for nothing.
Cynder: Alright then. I'll go, but only because I want to get rid of this chain.
Spyro: Come on. The air is too thick down here with all this ash. There's probably an updraft near the volcano.

Spyro: Are you ready for this?
Cynder: I'm scared.
Spyro: Just stay close to me.
Malefor the Dark Master: At long last, my guests have arrived. Please... come in. Such determination to get here... it seems we share other qualities besides that of our color.
Spyro: No, I'm nothing like you!
Malefor the Dark Master: Do you think so? Hmm... we'll get to that.
Cynder: Don't listen to him Spyro. Don't listen to anything he says.

Malefor the Dark Master: Ignitus should had warned you... You are alone here, young dragon. You have always been alone. Still, here you are... trying so desperately to save this miserable world... refusing to accept the true role of the purple dragon. I'm sure you've been told that I was the first of our kind... but I assure you, there have been many. It has been the duty of our predecessors to resurrect the Destroyer and the Golems of the deep... to bring about the great cleansing. This is the true nature of our kind. Your destiny is to destroy the world.
Spyro: No! I don't believe that!
Malefor the Dark Master: Of course you don't. But you have fulfilled your destiny nonetheless. In my time, I was stopped... prevented from completing my quest. But you... you have carried the flame... be it through your own will or not. And soon, the world will be destroyed, you along with it.
Spyro: No...
Cynder: [Dark Cynder strikes Spyro] Fight back!
Malefor the Dark Master: Hahahahahahahaha!
Cynder: Fight back! Why won't you fight back?
Spyro: Because you've left me nothing to fight for.
Cynder: [Cynder turns back to normal] There's always something.
Malefor the Dark Master: Argh! So be it! You've made your choice and so you shall suffer the same fate! Prepare to die!

Cynder: Spyro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Spyro: Don't be. It's over now.
Cynder: So this is it...?
Ignitus: Spyro, when a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on, binding itself with nature, offering hope for the future...
Spyro: I know what I need to do. Just get out of here, Cynder.
Cynder: Spyro, no... You don't have to do anything. Let's just go.
Spyro: Where Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to.
Cynder: Then I'm with you... I love you...

Malefor the Dark Master: You look so weary. Allow me to make you more comfortable
[removes the magic chain]
Malefor the Dark Master: There, that's better isn't it? It is the least I can do for you Cynder. After all, you've done so much for me.
Spyro: You used her!
Malefor the Dark Master: I used her. She used you. What does it matter really?
Spyro: What does he mean?
Malefor the Dark Master: What... He doesn't know?
Malefor the Dark Master: Go on, TELL HIM! You mustn't leave him in the dark.
Spyro: Tell me what?
Malefor the Dark Master: How she lured you to the Well of Souls... How she tricked you into freeing me.
Cynder: You're lying!
Malefor the Dark Master: Hmm... I find it peculiar how you've chosen to remember things. Let me assure you, it was you who freed me, Spyro. And you who brought me back. And we have Cynder to thank for that. Hahahaaa...
Spyro: Cynder? Is it true?
Cynder: No... I don't know... I don't know anymore...
Malefor the Dark Master: Oh, I think you do. But perhaps you need a little nudge...
[Malefor forces Cynder into a Dark Cynder form]
Spyro: Cynder!

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) (VG)
Spyro: Cynder what are you doing out here? It's dangerous.
Cynder: You shouldn't have followed me Spyro.
Sparx: That's good enough for me. Let's go. See ya! Huh.
Cynder: Please, don't make this any harder for me than it already is.
Spyro: I'm just trying to understand.
Cynder: I'm leaving Spyro. I don't belong here. After all I've done, all I've put you through... I can't stay.
Spyro: Cynder, nobody blames you for what happened.
Sparx: Huh, I do. Speak for yourself.
Spyro: Sparx...
Cynder: No, Sparx is right. And every day that goes by, I'm reminded of it. Spyro, your place is here, your destiny is here. But mine is somewhere out there for me to find.
Spyro: Cynder, I don't want you to go.
Cynder: Goodbye Spyro...

Scratch: Tonight... we have a special bonus match!
Sparx: Cool, a bonus match!
Scratch: Spyro the Dragon... versus... the former queen of conquer herself... Cynder!
Sparx: AHH!!! I told you she was evil. Hehe, look, my eye's twitching again.
Cynder: Just like old times, huh Spyro?
Spyro: Cynder, I'm not going to fight you.
Cynder: Relax. I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd while we figure out what to do.
Sparx: Don't trust her. She wants to eat me!

Gaul: So... the traitor returns!
Cynder: You can't go through with this Gaul!
Gaul: Hahaha! Nothing can prevent this. We are merely here to welcome our Master back into the realm and join him at his side. But fear not Cynder... You've been such a faithful servant, I'm sure he'll take you back... And if not, you will have the honor of being the first to perish by his hand. Long have we waited! Long have we suffered! But soon, our Master will return... and his coming shall bring forth a new age of power for the Apes... and we shall have our revenge!

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (2006) (VG)
Cynder: [arriving at the portal] My master returns.
Spyro: We're too late!
Cynder: Hmph! Persistent little fella, aren't you? This is where it really ends!
Spyro: Bring it!
Cynder: No mercy this time.
Sparx: ...I can't watch this.

[looking up into the night sky]
Cynder: See anything, Spyro?
Spyro: No, But I've got a bad feeling.
Cynder: Me too.