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Booster Gold (Character)
from "Justice League Action" (2016)

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"Smallville: Booster (#10.18)" (2011)
Jaime Reyes: Who are you?
Booster Gold: [to a crowd of people] I'm sure you're all wondering who I am. Well, how about the 411? I'm pure gold, ladies and gentlemen. I am Booster Gold, the greatest hero you've never heard of... till now!

Booster Gold: If you need a hero, ping me.
[walks up to Clark]
Booster Gold: Nice glasses.
[turns back to the crowd]
Booster Gold: Remember... it's Booster Gold!
[flies off]

Skeets: May I offer a piece of advice from your former career, sir?
Booster Gold: Football?
Skeets: Go big or go home.

Booster Gold: [to Blue Beetle] One move, bug, I'll zap you to honeybee heaven.

Booster Gold: Well, you know what? I've got some advice for you too.
Clark Kent: What's that?
Booster Gold: "The Blur." No. No, no, no. It sounds like a roller coaster or something. You need something strong. You need something simple. Something that actually starts with that "S" you wear. Something... super. You got to brand it, baby. You know?
Clark Kent: I'll start brainstorming.

Ted Kord: This boy is absolutely unique. He managed to shutdown the scarab.
Lois Lane: I'm guessing not everyone has what it takes to do that. So, Mr. Kord, does this mean that you'll be able to remove it from him?
Jaime Reyes: I- No. I mean, will that take away the power it gives me?
Ted Kord: Yes, but...
Jaime Reyes: I want to learn how to use them. I want to be a hero like Booster Gold.
Booster Gold: I don't know, kid. You know... what do you say we give Miss Lane here an exclusive on the *real* hero of the day?

Skeets: Will you be thanking anyone, sir?
Booster Gold: Me. And maybe my mom. People love that sentimental stuff. Scores pretty big with the ladies, too.

Booster Gold: Who wants to be the star of the show?
[all the Booster Girls raise their hands]
Booster Gold: Just kidding, I'm the star of the show.

Clark Kent: Look, we need to get together and find Kord's missing weapon. It's dangerous.
Booster Gold: Danger... is my middle name. So is fame, fortune, and front page, Clark.

Clark Kent: You helped Jaime break free of that scarab.
Booster Gold: I was using your words.
Clark Kent: It doesn't matter. The fact is, in the moment you believed them. And so did he.

Jaime Reyes: You can help me. You're a hero.
Booster Gold: No, I'm not. Not like you think, kid. But, listen, you can be. Someone once told me that the suit doesn't make the hero, so you fight it.
Jaime Reyes: I can't.
Booster Gold: Yes, you can. Fight it. You can be a hero. You just have to have faith in what you are and what you're gonna be. It's your choice, kid. You choose.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Greatest Story Never Told (#1.7)" (2004)
Skeets: [Skeets pops out of a collapsing black hole]
Booster Gold: Skeets!
Skeets: My gosh! It was full of stars!

Elongated Man: [angry at being forced to do crowd control] This is so not fair! I mean, I realize Plastic Man is in the League too. I'm not dissing the guy's skills, but c'mon! Ihave it all over that guy! One time I disguised myself as a vase. For 3 days!
Booster Gold: No you didn't.
Elongated Man: Okay, maybe not. Who'd want to anyway? But I am a detective, which means I'm like Plastic Man and Batman rolled into one.

Young Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Booster Gold: Sure you can!
[signs autograph]
Young Boy: [disappointed] I thought you were Green Lantern.
[walks away]
Skeets: I would like your autograph, sir.
Booster Gold: Shut up, Skeets.

J'onn J'onzz: The dark lord, Mordru.
Booster Gold: You okay? You sound nervous or something.
J'onn J'onzz: I have never sensed such malevolent magic in one being. Unless Mordru can be defeated, I fear for every living creature on the planet.
Booster Gold: [excitedly] Yes!

Skeets: "They also serve who only stand and wait." John Milton.
Booster Gold: Oh yeah? I got one for you: "This stinks." Booster Gold.

Booster Gold: I blew it!
Dr. Tracy Simmons: It's not too late!
Booster Gold: I can't do it!
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Yes, you can! You have to!
Booster Gold: Tracy, I'm a fraud! Do you know why I came back to the past? It wasn't to fight for justice! It was to get rich, be famous! I was a failure in the future, just like I am here! I'm not a superhero!
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Everything is about to be destroyed forever! And where are the other superheroes? Not here! You are! You're the only one who can do this! So do it!

Dr. Tracy Simmons: [offscreen] Excuse me, Green Lantern?
Booster Gold: For the last time, I am not Green Lantern! My name is...!
[turns and sees her]
Dr. Tracy Simmons: Just kidding. I know who Booster Gold is. So now that I'm not in distress, I was wondering if maybe I was still your kind of damsel.

Booster Gold: Come on, J'onn! You've gotta put me on some higher profile missions! Grodd? Darkseid? Any chance the Joker's planning something super nasty?
J'onn J'onzz: I fail to understand your obsession with fame.
Booster Gold: Not fame. Mega-fame! Much more than like "your" level of fame... No offence. But you have a hard-to-pronounce name. It doesn't stick in the mind. Now, "Booster Gold", don't ya just love saying it?
J'onn J'onzz: That is the attitude that keeps you on the sidelines.

Elongated Man: The squeaky wheel gets the grease, my friend. But I'll tell you, I wouldn't help those ingrates now if they begged me.
Wonder Woman: [Flies down to them] We need you.
Booster Gold: It's about time!
Elongated Man: Not you. Him.
[Points to Elongated Man]
Elongated Man: [to Booster] Squeaky wheel.
[Leaves with Wonder Woman]
Skeets: Maybe they needed a vase.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Darkseid Descending! (#2.23)" (2010)
Booster Gold: Hello, ladies. I don't believe we've met. The name's Gold, and you can bet I'm as precious as the metal.
Fire: We are Fire and Ice, a volatile combination.
Ice: Like my mother's peanut butter and sardine smoothies.

Guy Gardner: What are you doing in here?
Booster Gold: I called dibs. Didn't I, Skeets?
Skeets: And firsties, sir.
Guy Gardner: Look, you poser, get out of my cabin right now.
Booster Gold: Um, no. I think I'll stay.
[Guy pulls him off the couch]
Booster Gold: Not the face! Not the face!
Aquaman: Gentleman, please. Let's settle this like civilized...
[gets punched]
Aquaman: Son of a whale shark! Have at thee! Come here, you!
[Aquaman goes in to the fight]
Fire: Oh, boy fight.
Ice: So immature.

Aquaman: An adventure calls!
Guy Gardner: Let's get down there so you punks can see a real hero in action.
Ice: The Greeks must be stopped!
Booster Gold: I gotta text my publicist. Skeets, how many P's in "impending?"
Skeets: One, sir.
Fire: Is this suit too short for world-saving?
Blue Beetle: Um, I wonder if it's short enough?
Martian Munhunter: Quiet! Listen, people. This team is not about egos or wardrobes or publicity. It's about handling threats larger than any hero can alone. When history remembers this group and its first mission, will it be of individuals who could not get the job done? Or will it be the greatest superhero team ever assembled, saving the world in its darkest hour?

Batman: If this works, we might just have a chance.
Aquaman: If? Since when has any plan of Batman's ever failed?
[Parademons bust in through the ceiling]
Batman: Impossible. Our signal strength is triple-encoded, cross-routed over a dozen satellite feeds. Untraceable, unless...
Booster Gold: Texting the publicist. How many D's in Armageddon?

Guy Gardner: Hey, poser, that's my piece of cake. Guy Gardner always gets the corner piece.
Booster Gold: You mean this piece?
[eats cake]
Booster Gold: All gone.
Guy Gardner: [balls up fist] Oh, you're gonna be all gone in a second.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Time Out for Vengeance! (#3.6)" (2011)
Guy Gardner: You should toss that loser gold off the team. Who needs him when you got a living legend like me around?
Booster Gold: Yeah, 'cause you're huge in the 25th century. In fact, you're everybody's favourite Green Lantern! No, wait. That's Hal Jordan.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Shadow of the Bat! (#3.3)" (2011)
Booster Gold: After seein' the way he dresses his dog, nothin' fazes me about this guy.