Stacie Monroe
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Stacie Monroe (Character)
from "Hustle" (2004)

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"Hustle: A Touch of Class (#1.5)" (2004)
Albert Stroller: Every silver cane has a grubby end, Danny. And when needs must...
Stacie Monroe: grab the grubby end, Danny!

Danny Blue: Look, just promise you won't tell, ok?
Stacie Monroe: Aww... I won't.
Stacie Monroe: [She shouts over to Eddie] Hey Eddie! Danny pays for sex!

"Hustle: A Designers Paradise (#4.4)" (2007)
Ash Morgan: What do we know about fashion?
Danny Blue: Ahh...
[points to his clothes]
Ash Morgan: Like I said, what do we know about fashion?
Billy Bond: Isn't it just a con in itself?
Stacie Monroe: And one she's already fallen for.
Billy Bond: How do we do a fashion con?
Albert Stroller: How little I've taught you. One of world's most famous cons was a fashion con.
Danny Blue: Yeah, leg warmers.

Stacie Monroe: Does this turn into a pumpkin at midnight?
Albert Stroller: No, my dear, it turns into a felony.

"Hustle: Cops and Robbers (#1.4)" (2004)
[last lines]
[Stacie is buying a bag of chips from Eddie for 50p]
[Stacie hands Eddie a 10 pound note]
Eddie: That's 50p.
[Stacie gives Eddie a 10 pound note]
Eddie: [Eddie gives her the 50p coin portion of change]
Stacie Monroe: Thanks
[walks off]
Eddie: Wait hang on a minute here's the rest of your change here...
Stacie Monroe: Sorry
Eddie: Four makes 5, and five's a tenner
[hands her four one pound coins and a 5 note]
Stacie Monroe: Thanks... oh wait a minute, I got a pound-coin here gimme that 10er back, will you Eddie, and I'll give you 5 and five one's... let me lose this change... it's better at checkout.
[Hands Eddie only 9 pounds, one pound short]
Eddie: Oh wait hang on, there's only 9 here.
Stacie Monroe: Oh sorry, hang on what have you got there?
Eddie: Nine.
Stacie Monroe: Ok look I'll give you 11 you give me 20.
[hands him 11]
Eddie: Alright
[hands her 20]
Stacie Monroe: Thanks.
Eddie: Wait a minute did you do something funny there?
Stacie Monroe: Course not!
[smiles to the camera, she just conned Eddie out of 10 pounds, and a bag of chips]

"Hustle: The Last Gamble (#1.6)" (2004)
Stacie Monroe: You know, sometimes the desire for perfection can be interpreted as criticism.

"Hustle: The Con Is On (#1.1)" (2004)
Stacie Monroe: [to Danny] I don't screw the people I work with.