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Quotes for
Sheriff Tom Palmer (Character)
from The Big Green (1995)

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The Big Green (1995)
Miss Anna Mongomery: What do you have to do to believe in yourselves?
Tak Yamato: What?
Miss Anna Mongomery: We believe in them, don't we, Sheriff Tom?
Sheriff Tom Palmer: Hm?
Miss Anna Mongomery: Tell the kids we believe in them.
Sheriff Tom Palmer: Oh, yeah, yeah. Course we do.
Kate Douglas: Even if we do decide to go to Austin, how we gonna get there? Walk?

Larry Musgrove: I got a question.
Sheriff Tom Palmer: That's great! Great, participation! Fire away, big guy!
Larry Musgrove: While you're here, who's giving out speeding tickets and scooping dead animals off the highway?
Sheriff Tom Palmer: All right, no more questions.