Samuel Adams
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Samuel Adams (Character)
from "John Adams" (2008)

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"John Adams: Join or Die (#1.1)" (2008)
[John Adams has agreed to defend Captain Thomas Preston and the Boston Soldiers]
Samuel Adams: You haven't much of a case, John.
John Adams: Do I not?
Samuel Adams: No Boston Jury will ever vote for aquittal.
John Adams: Thank you for your kind advice, Sam.
Samuel Adams: This is not a time for showing how clever you are, cousin.
[Approaches John and hands him a pamphlet]
Samuel Adams: This is a time for choosing sides.
John Adams: I am for the law, cousin. Is there another side?
Samuel Adams: [shouts to the crowd while John looks at the pamphlet depicting the Boston Massacre] There are those who fight for our rights as natural-born Englishmen, and those that would strip us of those rights!
John Adams: I do not have the luxury of your birth or your purse, Sam, to spend my days fomenting dissension.
[Calls out to Samuel]
John Adams: I intend to prove this colony is governed by law. Whatever you or your Sons of Liberty may say on the matter!
Samuel Adams: We're all Sons of Liberty here.

[John Adams and Samuel Adams watch as a British Customs Official is being tarred and feathered by an angry Boston mob]
John Adams: Do you approve of this?
Samuel Adams: People are hurt when they fight for what is rightfully theirs!
John Adams: Do you approve of brutal and illegal acts to enforce a political principle, Sam? Answer Me That, Can You?

Johnny Tremain (1957)
Samuel Adams: [speaking at the Old South church] This meeting can do nothing more to save the country!