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Yousuke Shiina (Character)
from "Ninpû sentai Harikenjâ" (2002)

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"Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Haru no Ninja Matsuri! (#1.7)" (2015)
Sasuke: Before we start the ninja training, I want you to consider what a ninja is.
Takaharu Igasaki: We know that! Those who are ninja do not give in to fear worries. Or take things lightly.
Tsumuji Igasaki: Good.
Takaharu Igasaki: Right?
Yousuke Shiina: That's important, but not quite.
Tsumuji Igasaki: Not quite!
Takaharu Igasaki: Eh?
Sasuke: Hidden from people, we cut down evil. That's what a ninja is.
Yousuke Shiina: Unbeknownst to people, unbeknownst to the world. We become shadows to strike down evil. That's what a ninja is.
Takaharu Igasaki: Eeh?
Sasuke: You're shinobi but you don't hide? If you keep saying that, you'll never be a real ninja.

Ninja Red: Shinobi that don't hide, eh?
Hurricane Red: I guess it's fine for such ninja to exist.
Akarenger: Wasn't it the same for you guys?
Ninja Red: Yo. Really?
Yoshitaka Igasaki: My apologies. Please watch over my grandchildren till they're stronger.
Akarenger: Of course. We have watched over many other Super Sentai, after all.

Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger (2003) (V)
Hurricane Red: Please tell us, Gaorangers! Why are you working with the Jakanja? Where have your righteous hearts that defeated the Orgs gone?
Kakero Shishi: Righteous hearts? How can you say that and not feel embarrassed? Just hearing it makes me turn red!
Sae Taiga: We don't remember anything from the past. Our minds have been white-washed!
Hurricane Yellow: Could they have lost their memories?
Gaku Washio: Lost our memories? Aww, silly! You must not have a keen eye. You're still inexperienced as little yellow chicks.
Hurricane Blue: We're not chicks! We've battled the Jakanja on many occasions up until now, you know?