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Misty Monroe (Character)
from Girltrash! (2007) (V)

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Girltrash! (2007) (V)
Misty Monroe: Do you even know who I am?
Monique Jones: Shut the fuck up! You're nobody.
Misty Monroe: If I live I'm gonna be somebody. Someone very rich or powerful or both. I'll fuck your shit up.
Monique Jones: You got a really smart mouth on you. I like that. You've got 'hutzpah'. That's jew for 'balls'. You know what I'm gonna do with that pretty smart mouth of yours? I'm gonna bash it in with this fuckin' ninr iron, if you don't SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm gonna tit your pretty white teeth, I'm gonna pick 'em up off the floor and I'm gonna sell them on Ebay.
Monique Jones: So you keep on fuckin' yellin'. You keep yellin'. Both ya'll bitches. In my space ain't nobody gonna hear ya'll scream!

Colby Robson: I'm sorry I slept with that girl.
Misty Monroe: I don't want to talk about it.
Colby Robson: You said you didn't want to see me anymore.
Misty Monroe: I said I didn't want to see you. Doesn't mean I wanted you to see other people.
Colby Robson: Well, that's kind of the point. If you break up with me, then I'm allowed to see other people.
Misty Monroe: So, what? Did you want to see other people while we were dating?
Colby Robson: No!
Misty Monroe: Certainly didn't waste your time.
Colby Robson: You broke up with me!
Misty Monroe: What, so that gives you the right to go hook up with some nasty skank from UCSB? Seriously, Colby, come on.