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Virgil Fox (Character)
from Minutemen (2008) (TV)

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Minutemen (2008) (TV)
Virgil Fox: [about the first day of freshman year] I have a chance to be somebody!
Charlie Tuttle: All right, but know this; What happened down there is we became friends. That day we were tied to that stupid Rams statue. This day, this day that you hate so much because you got a little embarrassed. This is my favorite day. Even though I'd still be a nerd, it didn't really matter anymore. Because I had a real friend. And that would always make everything okay. So much for always, I guess.
[walks away]

Virgil Fox: You're 14 years old. You're 2 years away from your driver's license. You still call your underwear underpants. Yet I'm supposed to believe you can build a time machine?
Charlie Tuttle: Yes. And based on my specifications, a person should be able to go 48 hours into the past.
Virgil Fox: [scoffs] That's weak.
Charlie Tuttle: Pardon me. How's YOUR time formula coming along?

Charlie Tuttle: I know there's got to be an important use for the time machine.
Virgil Fox: What's more important then being rich and popular? I'm kidding... mostly.

Virgil Fox: Senior year and I'm still sitting at the dork table... No offence, guys, I do enjoy the stimulating conversations...
Chester: None taken!

Virgil Fox: Tell me I don't look as ridiculous as you do?
Charlie Tuttle: It's not that bad, really.

Derek Beaugard: Nice snowsuits, dorks.
Virgil Fox: Hey, Derek.
Derek Beaugard: Yeah.
Virgil Fox: Have fun with Jocelyn.
Derek Beaugard: I don't know what you are talking about.
Virgil Fox: Well i just figured that you both are good with lipstick.
Derek Beaugard: You were always going to be a nerd.
Virgil Fox: And you were always going to be a jerk.

Virgil Fox: The Minutemen must use their powers for truth and justice
Charlie Tuttle: Who's the Minutemen?
Virgil Fox: Us. The all important minutes of time. Cool, eh?
Charlie Tuttle: No.
Zeke Thompson: .Not really.

Virgil Fox: [in front of the whole high school cafeteria] You robbed NASA?
Charlie Tuttle: [pulls both his friends under the table and whispers] It's not as bad as it sounds.
Virgil Fox: Yes, this is *worse* than it sounds!

[after skipping without notice hanging out in Charlie's room in favor of Derek's party]
Virgil Fox: Charlie, how many more times do I have to apologize?
Charlie Tuttle: 212 times ought to do it.

[after Mr. Tolkan, who thinks Virgil and Derek are going to fight, orders them to follow him to his office]
FBI Agent: Everybody freeze, FBI!
[shows ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Mysterious Man: Stop, CIA!
[shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Man - Bureau of Weights and Measures: Bureau of Weights and Measures.
[shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Virgil Fox: [to the latter agent] In the future, you should probably go first.

[the high school students all chant for "Minutemen" as the guys are about to try saving the world by entering a black hole]
Virgil Fox: At least they finally got the name right.

Jeanette: Charlie! Charlie, um, come back in one piece, okay?
[kisses Charlie, who is frozen in shock]
Zeke Thompson, Virgil Fox: Come on, Charlie, we gotta go. Charlie? Charlie!
[Charlie still stands there, staring as Zeke picks him up and walks away with Virgil]