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Ned Banks (Character)
from "Ghost Whisperer" (2005)

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"Ghost Whisperer: This Joint's Haunted (#4.12)" (2009)
Delia Banks: What's going on Ned? Why don't you just talk to me?
Ned Banks: You wanna talk? Fine. Let's talk about this...
[presses answerphone]
Marla: [Message on answerphone] Yeah, hey Delia, it's Marla. Look, about your call earlier, I'm pretty embarrassed, I was with my daughter so I sort of told a little fib. Anyway, yeah, the joint's mine, I'm sorry...
Ned Banks: You're mad at me about something that wasn't even my fault, when the whole time you were here getting high with *your* friends.
Delia Banks: No, I wasn't. And I'm sorry that I accused you.

Ned Banks: What's going on?
Eli James: She says her parents locked her out of the house that night because she missed her curfew by five minutes. They were *that* strict.
Delia Banks: That's horrible. I would never do that to Ned.
Eli James: She says you already have, locked him out, because you're lying to him. And she wants to know how is he ever gonna learn from your mistakes if you're not being honest with him?
Delia Banks: That's not... OK. You're right. But, you know, what happened to you, I learned such a huge lesson. What I mean is, a lot of this is because of you. When Jodie called me that morning to tell me that you were dead... my whole life was completely changed. And when I finally stopped crying, I vowed that I would never let anything like that happen to somebody I cared about. So I guess... I wouldn't be the mom I am, if I hadn't known you. And I wouldn't have a son like Ned.

"Ghost Whisperer: Heart & Soul (#4.8)" (2008)
Delia Banks: Hey, where are you?
Ned Banks: At the café, doing homework.
Delia Banks: Oh, I thought I'd surprise you and stop by and take you out for something to eat, but you're not here.
Ned Banks: Where?
Delia Banks: At the court. Isn't your shooting clinic on Mondays?
Ned Banks: Okay, promise you won't get mad?
Delia Banks: Well, I promise I *will* if you don't start talking.
Ned Banks: Mom, there's no shooting clinic on Mondays.
Delia Banks: What?
Ned Banks: I used to meet Jim there on Mondays to practise, but I didn't tell you it was just him and me 'cos I was afraid that if you knew you'd make me come and work at the store instead.
Delia Banks: Ned, I wish you would've...
Ned Banks: Please don't be mad.
Delia Banks: I'm not mad, I'm just...
[Sees Sam/Jim on the court with a basketball]
Delia Banks: I have to call you back... Sam?
Jim Clancy: Hey, Delia, right?
Delia Banks: What are you doing here?
Jim Clancy: Promise not to laugh? I have no idea. I was driving out of town, I was leaving... and then suddenly I got this feeling that I was supposed to be somewhere. Somewhere important. So I just came here. Weird, isn't it?
Delia Banks: Yeah, you could say that.
Jim Clancy: I was hoping someone would recognize me. They could tell me why I had to be here.
Delia Banks: It's really you.
Jim Clancy: Sorry?
Delia Banks: I think you could be right. I think you are supposed to be somewhere.
Jim Clancy: Where?