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Quotes for
Darph Bobo (Character)
from "Tripping the Rift" (2004)

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Tripping the Rift (2000)
Darph Bobo: Never underestimate the power of a dark clown!

Chode: Darph Bobo! I thought I smelled Vaseline. What do you want, anyway?
Darph Bobo: Hmm, what do I want? Oh yeah... BLOODY VENGEANCE!
Six of One: Where do you know this guy from?
Chode: Uh, hi. We spent some time together in prison.
Gus: Oh let me guess, judging by his size, I'd say you were the bitch, am I right?

Chode: Why don't you fight without using your faggot clown powers, son?
Darph Bobo: Very well, "faggot clown powers" indeed!

Darph Bobo: If he starts to win, shoot him.
Stormtrooper: Yes sir!

Darph Bobo: Oh, shit! You purple bastard!

"Tripping the Rift: Honey, I Shrunk the Crew (#2.3)" (2004)
Bernice: What the hell is this?
Darph Bobo: It's a credit card bill. What? Ya lose the ability to read? Let me know when you lose the ability to open your mouth and spew venom, cause that I don't wanna miss.

Bernice: My mother warned me not to marry you.
Darph Bobo: For once your mother and I agree.
Bernice: Just shut up and take care of these charges... or else.
Darph Bobo: Or else what? You're gonna force me to sleep with you? Cause there aren't enough blindfolds or little blue pills in the universe to make that happen.

Cashier: [Darph Bobo is shopping] Is that all for you?
Darph Bobo: Yeah, unless you've got something that'll cure my wife's bitchiness!
Cashier: Well, if we did, we'd have a hard time keeping it in stock.

"Tripping the Rift: The Sidewalk Soiler (#1.4)" (2004)
Darph Bobo: You may have dodged death's cream pie today, Chode, but mark my words with a red grease pencil: the next time you might not be so lucky!

"Tripping the Rift: Emasculating Chode (#1.11)" (2004)
Darph Bobo: [under his breath] Bitch.
Mrs. Bobo: What was that?
Darph Bobo: [yelling] I said bitch! There, was that loud enough for ya?

"Tripping the Rift: Nature vs. Nurture (#1.9)" (2004)
Darph Bobo: I hope you don't mind, but I thought it would be fun if I televized your death. The networks are always looking for the next cheap reality show. You have five minutes to live! But it'll be painfully stretched over ten episodes.