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Vivian (Character)
from Blood and Chocolate (2007)

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Blood and Chocolate (2007)
[from trailer]
Vivian: What's the city taught you?
Aiden: That the werewolf stories have gotten it all wrong. In the loup garoux legend, they're not cursed, their blessed. Like the moon turning them into wolves, that's all how it's twisted later. The loup garoux can change whenever they want. It's- it's, uh... mind over matter. Transcendence. You know, they believe they will change, and in that moment they do. Can you imagine that? From a man to a wolf.
Vivian: Sounds beautiful.
Aiden: It is. Uh, supposedly, you could kill them with silver, but also with fire.
Vivian: Really.
Aiden: Yeah. A- and you couldn't become one, you know? Be bitten or whatever. You're either born a loup garoux or you're not.
Vivian: Oh.
Aiden: And in the stories, they say that if you harm a loup garoux, if they bleed, that they show you just a glimpse of what they really are. It's all in the eyes, apparently.

Vivian: What we are not is what we are taught to fear.

Vivian: Your traditions can go to hell.

Vivian: Go to hell.
Rafe: Yes, I probably will.

Vivian: May you know the Age of Hope when you see it.

Vivian: This is my world. These are my people. They believe in prophecies and destiny, I believe we make our own.

Vivian: Where are we heading?
Aiden: How about the Age of Hope.
Aiden: [pause]
Aiden: Either that or Paris.

Vivian: WE are nothing.

Gabriel: The Ancient prophesy said that a girl from the bloodline of leaders would one day command us. And lead us into a New Age of Hope and Living. I thought that girl was you.
Vivian: And how would the New Age of Hope look like? How much blood will there be?
Gabriel: Lets find out, tonight.
[pulls out a knife]
Gabriel: We hunt, you and I.