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Edison (Character)
from "Super Gran" (1985)

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"Super Gran: Supergran and the Skimmer (#1.2)" (1985)
Edison: But grandad?
Inventor Black: Yes, Edison?
Edison: What is your latest, greatest invention?
Inventor Black: It's outside, tied up to Queen Victoria.

Edison: [Supergran takes control of the Skimmer] Supergran?
Supergran: I've never actually driven one myself before, mind, but I've seen lots of car races on the telly. Always looks easy peasy to me!

Supergran: [using her Super-vision] I can see it now.
Inventor Black: My Skimmer?
Supergran: Standing by a big river...
Willard: Which big river, granny, the Mersey? The Mississippi?
Edison: Can't you be serious just for once?
Supergran: The river Chis, upon which Chisleton stands!

"Super Gran: Supergran and the Pearl of Pinnell's End (#1.4)" (1985)
Inventor Black: What's happening, what's going on?
Edison: I don't know, grandad, it looks like some pairs of gloves are stealing the pearl of Pinnels End. There's only one we can do, grandad.
Edison: Supergran! Supergran!

"Super Gran: Supergran and the World's Worst Circus (#2.0)" (1986)
Sid Scouse: We've got to do something, Inventor Black, or Supergran will be Super goner.
Inventor Black: I know, Sidney, I know. But what?
Edison: Granddad, granddad, you're freezing machine, remember?
Inventor Black: Of course, of course! My freezing machine. Oh you clever girl. Now where did I put it?
[looks under his seat]
Inventor Black: Ah! Here we are, got it.

"Super Gran: Supergran and the Magic Ray (#1.1)" (1985)
Edison Faraday Black: The Magic Ray Machine grandad?
Inventor Black: Nicked! This very day, by the greatest rogue in all Chisleton.

"Super Gran: Supergran and the School for Scoundrels (#2.8)" (1987)
Edison: She's not just any old granny, she's a supergran granny.

"Super Gran: Supergran Grounded (#1.6)" (1985)
Geoff Capes: That's it, I've got it, I've got it!
PC Rupert Leekie: What have you got, Mr. Capes?
Geoff Capes: The solution. What does Supergran have every day to keep up her super strength, and what hasn't she been having every day since she got grounded?
PC Rupert Leekie: I give up, Mr. Capes.
Geoff Capes: Porridge! Masses of porridge!
Edison: That's it, you're right, Mr. Capes!