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Zack Fair (Character)
from Last Order: Final Fantasy VII (2005) (V)

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2007) (VG)
Zack Fair: That girl, she said the sky... frightened her.
Zack Fair: That looks so... liberating.
[opens his eyes]
Zack Fair: Those wings... I want them too.
Zack Fair: It feels... good.
[pause, see Cloud walking though the 'plains']
Zack Fair: If you see Aerith, say hi for me. Hey, would you say... I became a hero?

Zack Fair: [hiking a mountain in the snow; turns to the 2 men behind him & shouts] Yo! Don't fall too far behind!
[turns back around; looks at the Infantryman beside him]
Zack Fair: At least someone's keeping up!
Infantryman: [still has his helmet on, can't see who it is] Well, I'm a country boy too.
Zack Fair: From where?
Infantryman: [doesn't answer right away; eventually-] Nibelheim.
[Zack bursts out laughing]
Infantryman: How about you?
Zack Fair: Me? Gongaga.
[Infantryman laughs, but it's barely audible; Zack sounds defensive]
Zack Fair: Hey, what's so funny about that? You know Gongaga?
Infantryman: No, but... it's such a backwater name.
Zack Fair: Ditto Nibelheim.
Infantryman: [slightly affronted] Like you've been there.
Zack Fair: I haven't, but there's a reactor there, right?
['man nods]
Zack Fair: A 'Mako' reactor outside Midgar usually means...
Zack Fair, Infantryman: [together] nothing else out there.
[both look at each other; start laughing at the same time; Zack looks towards Tseng]
Zack Fair: [calls out] Good news Tseng! Me and...
[Zack looks at 'man; he pulls off his helmet, & we now see it's-]
Cloud Strife: Cloud.
Zack Fair: Me and Cloud here are both backwater experts. Oh yeah!
[Zack & Cloud smile, & turn to keep hiking]

Zack Fair: [hears his voice] Embrace your dreams.
[brief pause]
Zack Fair: If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams.
Cloud Strife: Thank you... I won't forget.
[stands up; bows his head in sadness; once he recovers]
Cloud Strife: Good night
[turns to leave, stops; almost whispered]
Cloud Strife: Zack.

Cloud Strife: [Zack lies at the edge of a cliff, dying; various pieces of 'enemies' armor & weapons scattered across the ground; Cloud, still weak from "Mako addiction", crawls toward Zack; when he finally reaches Zack's side] Z-Zack.
Zack Fair: [grunts in pain; face relaxes, he looks at Cloud; with a smile] For the... both of us.
Cloud Strife: [confused] Both... of us?
Zack Fair: That's right... you're gonna...
Cloud Strife: [as if to prompt him] You're gonna...
Zack Fair: [Zack reaches out, grabs Cloud behind the head; as he pulls Cloud's head down to rest on his chest] Live.
[holds his head in comradery/friendship]
Zack Fair: You'll be... my living legacy.
[hand drops to his side; Cloud sits up again, the side of his face now covered with Zack's blood; Cloud just looks at Zack silently; Zack looks over at Buster; drags it towards Cloud]
Zack Fair: My honor... my dreams...
[holds Buster out towards Cloud]
Zack Fair: they're yours now.
Cloud Strife: [reaches for the sword with one hand; eventually grabs with the other also; Zack briefly touches Cloud's hand before he pulls the sword towards himself; silent a few moments] I'm... your living... legacy.
[Zack closes his eyes, smiles and dies; Cloud, distraught, looks up at the sky, screams his grief]

Zack Fair: Boy oh boy,the price of freedom is steep...

Zack: Do the Turks really do that?
Tseng: Don't worry. Thanks to you, my salary's better.