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Quotes for
Aura (Character)
from Tiny Furniture (2010)

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Tiny Furniture (2010)
[first lines]
Aura: Honey, I'm home... Family?
Candice: Downstairs...
Siri: Can you turn your right toe slightly towards me?
Nadine: It hurts.
Siri: Perfect.

Aura: I just got off a plane from Ohio. I am in a post-graduate delirium.

Aura: [on why her ex-boyfriend went to Colorado] Something about building a shrine to his ancestors out of a dying tree.

Charlotte: In high school, you were always the "I have to go home" girl. Are you still the "i have to go home" girl?
Aura: I have to go home.

Charlotte: You know the thing about your friends? They weren't assholes, were they?
Aura: No, not at all.
Charlotte: See, that's the problem. Our people are assholes. Our moms are assholes.
Aura: You think my mom's an asshole?
Charlotte: Yeah. She's too successful not to be.

Siri: You get him out of our house.
Aura: What?
Siri: I want him out of my house!
Aura: He's not doing anything! He's only been in my room!
Siri: He is in the laundry room mixing lights and darks!

Aura: [to Siri when Aura asks to borrow her laptop] Did you just google 'cupcakes'?

Keith: How are things?
Aura: Um. I'm really tired. I took three klonopin and woke up next to a spoon full of peanut butter.

Aura: I have no experience.
Charlotte: It's absolutely fine. On my resume under "skills", I put "has a landline".

Keith: These guys are such fucking dirt bags, man. I'm just sitting there, trying to read my book, and they're all crowded around watching "cum omelette" on someone's iPhone.
Aura: What is "cum omelette"?
Keith: A porn video.
Aura: What happens in it?
Keith: Pretty self explanatory.

Aura: You don't have AIDS, do you?
Keith: No. Do you?
Aura: Uh uh.
Keith: Do you have herpes?
Aura: No. Do you?
Keith: No.

Charlotte: OK, full disclosure. I was in rehab in 2007. It wasn't for this pot, it was for like a blow situation that I since cleared up.
Aura: Do you drink?
Charlotte: Yeah, no, no, umm... only kombucha, you know? And some red wine, but that's good for you. But I don't think we need to talk about all our issues, you know?

Nadine: I have like a million things I could say right now.
Aura: Like what?
Nadine: Like get a fucking li... ghtbulb.