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Eiji Takaoka (Character)
from GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai (2007) (V)

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GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai (2007) (V)
Aka Red: Wait, Bouken Silver! If you go now, the same will happen to you.
Eiji Takaoka: And who...are you?
Aka Red: Super Sentai. Aka Red!
Eiji Takaoka: Aka Red?
Aka Red: You should know then too, the 30 Super Sentai that continue to defend the world. I, as the other Sentai leaders, am a Red Warrior, born from a wish of peace.
Eiji Takaoka: Born from a wish of peace?

Aka Red: Mankind's worst enemy, the Demon of Time, Chronos, has started moving. He's planning to recover a powerful Precious and conquer the world.
Eiji Takaoka: Conquer the world?
Aka Red: It's the world's greatest danger. If you want to save your friends and the world, ask the help of the older heroes you'll find here.
[hands address book to Eiji]
Eiji Takaoka: Super Sentai Address Book. A phonebook?!

Eiji Takaoka: The Earth is in peril!
Tsubasa Ozu: [in the middle of boxing] I'm also in peril!

Tetsu Aira: My name is Tetsu. Member of the Gokuryuu space family. I'm their frontman, Tetsu! Keep talking and I'll bury you!
Eiji Takaoka: What are you talking about? I just...
Tetsu Aira: Nonsense! Disappear!
[throws Eiji out the window]
Tetsu Aira: There, the hindrance is gone. Let's get back to business.
Eiji Takaoka: [gets up from the ground] Would you normally throw someone?

Aka Red: Let's go, everyone. Then, till Bouken Red returns, I will fill Red's role.
Eiji Takaoka: Damn, you got the good part.

Juken sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger (2008) (V)
Shizuka: Looks like everyone's forgotten about me. What idiots! Later!
Bouken Silver: [takes the red jewel] I'll be taking that.
Shizuka: I knew it!
Bouken Silver: Your skin is getting rough. Take this instead.
[tosses her a red pepper]
Shizuka: You always take the good part!

Bouken Silver: [to Gou and Ken] It's my turn. Don't come in late and butt in!

Bouken Silver: How can this be? I was beaten by a rhino's nose mucus?
Geki Chopper: Salty and so raw!