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Ashleigh Howard (Character)
from "Greek" (2007)

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"Greek: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Casey Cartwright: Now, what can you tell me about Ashleigh just from her appearance? Anyone? There are four things that I see right away. One: the stain on the right side of her theory shirt means she's sloppy. Two: her Marc Jacobs skirt looks brand-new but is last season, so I'm guessing clearance rack raid? Three: her Prada shoes, while quite nice, are too big for her feet, probably on loan from a friend with better taste and more money. Four...
Libby: Oh! Oh, oh! The bags under her eyes. She's a party girl who's probably still drunk from last night.
Ashleigh: That's all true!

Ashleigh: "Laguna Beach" is so freakin' real.
Casey Cartwright: I know, right?

Libby: Boy in the house!
Ashleigh: Where's the fat guard?!

"Greek: At World's End (#2.22)" (2009)
Ashleigh Howard: So Casey broke up with Max.
Cappie: I see.
Ashleigh Howard: Because of you... And she's going to break up with the next guy because of you, and the guy after that. She's going to keep doing it. Because for some odd reason you're the one she's supposed to be with.
The Beaver: Okay everybody it's almost midnight. Let the countdown to the end of the world begin.
Crowd: 9... 8... 7...
Ashleigh Howard: It's the end of the world Cappie. What are you going to do?
Crowd: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

Ashleigh Howard: So, Casey broke up with Max...
Cappie: I see.
Ashleigh Howard: Because of you. And she's going to break up with the next guy because of you. And the guy after that. And she's going to keep doing it because for some odd reason, you're the one she's supposed to be with.
The Beaver: Okay everybody, it's almost midnight let the countdown to the end of the world begin!
Crowd: Ten, nine, eight...
Ashleigh Howard: Its thee end of the world Cappie, what are you going to do?
Crowd: Four, three, two, one...

Ashleigh Howard: Did you talk to Cappie?
Casey Cartwright: Yeah, I Yeah, I did. I broke up with Max.
Ashleigh Howard: Wait
Casey Cartwright: Cappie doesn't want to be with me, and who can blame him? But I can't be with Max knowing I really want to be with Cappie. So that leaves me with Me. And I'm I'm taking me home.
Ashleigh Howard: - OK, I'll go with you.
Casey Cartwright: - No no, you stay here, have fun. I could use some alone time.

"Greek: Camp Buy Me Love (#3.18)" (2010)
Ashleigh Howard: What happened? Are you OK?
Rusty Cartwright: Yeah. Evan's a jerk, but he stopped me from making a mistake.
Ashleigh Howard: What do you mean?
Rusty Cartwright: I looked into her eyes, like you said. I realized that I wanted a girl who spits her gum out accidentally, and wears a maxi-pad around her knee, and bakes really good maple bars just to make me feel cozy. A girl who that enough confidence to turn me down flat when I was dumb enough to overlook her.
Ashleigh Howard: That doesn't even sound like a real person.
Rusty Cartwright: It is. Katherine and I are a lot alike, that's true. But Dana gives me something more. She inspires me. She's proud of who she is. That's who I want to be. That's who I want to be with.
Ashleigh Howard: Oh, Rusty! Is that from Adventures in Babysitting? It's not from anything.
Rusty Cartwright: That's how I feel. But I already left Dana a message breaking our date. So it's too late.
Ashleigh Howard: Maybe not yet. - I have one more movie idea. Come on!

Ashleigh Howard: So, how are things with Cappie?
Casey Cartwright: Well, we're not fighting anymore.
Ashleigh Howard: Oh, great.
Casey Cartwright: This whole time I've been trying so hard to get him to wake up and face reality. But really, it was me who needed to face reality.
Ashleigh Howard: What do you mean?
Casey Cartwright: Cappie and I aren't built to last, Ash. We work here, in college. And I don't think we'll work anywhere else.
Ashleigh Howard: No. You can make it work. There's... there's gotta be like, a movie, or something. Why did I put all my DVDs away? Where's St. Elmo's Fire?
Ashleigh Howard: No, it's OK. t's OK, Ash. Um I'm OK with it. Cappie and I aren't a movie. We're a short story. But a really good one.

Ashleigh Howard: I'm sorry, Case.
Casey Cartwright: I just don't get why someone as smart and amazing as Cappie would want to stay in college forever. I mean I understand wanting to party and screw around for a while. I've done plenty of that myself. But I can't help but wonder if maybe you weren't right, Ash. What if we are too different? And what if we're not going to last forever? No matter how much we try or how much we love each other.
Ashleigh Howard: I don't want to be right about that, so you need to address this with Cappie, head-on.
Casey Cartwright: OK, well, how do I address someone who says he might never want to leave college? He can't possibly mean that. That'd just be crazy, right?
Ashleigh Howard: Would it? I mean, it's Cappie we're talking about here, and he definitely has his own way of doing things. And, didn't you kind of already know that when you got back together? So why are you trying to change him now?
Casey Cartwright: You're right.I know. I love Cappie, and I don't want to change him. But if we're on completely different paths and he stays here forever we're never going to work, which scares the crap out of me.
Ashleigh Howard: Then you need to make him understand that.

"Greek: Picking Teams (#1.4)" (2007)
Casey Cartwright: [to Rebecca] Where's Beaver?
Rebecca: [to Casey] Where's Cappie?
Ashleigh: [to bartender] Where's my drink?

Casey Cartwright: [talking about giving drinks to the Kappa Tau's] How are we doing in here?
Ashleigh: They're on their sixth round of cement mixers.
Casey Cartwright: Just to be clear, we're trying to slow them down, not kill them.
Ashleigh: Fine.

"Greek: Spring Broke (#1.22)" (2008)
Ashleigh Howard: Do you think it's possible to meet someone and just feel that they are your soulmate?
Casey Cartwright: Yes. But I have to believe we have many soulmates. If not, the world has a twisted sense of humor, right?

"Greek: Your Friends and Neighbors (#3.16)" (2010)
Casey Cartwright: We'll have to work harder to stay on the same page.
Ashleigh Howard: We never had to work at it before.
Casey Cartwright: I know. I know.
Ashleigh Howard: So do you think that Sunny was right? We're only friends because of geography.
Casey Cartwright: Maybe that's why we became friends, but I don't think it's why we stayed friends.
Ashleigh Howard: So you don't think that we're growing apart?
Casey Cartwright: I think we're growing up. Ash, I don't want to live in the past. Not with you. Because if we did, we'd still be...
Ashleigh Howard: -In this laundry room? Well, I can still read your mind.

"Greek: The Rusty Nail (#1.3)" (2007)
Ashleigh: Pledge, let's go shopping.
Calvin: Uh, I have a name, you know.
Ashleigh: I'm sure you do.

"Greek: Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe... Or Not (#3.15)" (2010)
Natalie: I just wanted to apologize. I went too far at the Student Union, and I'm truly, truly sorry. It's just, um The worst thing that ever has happened to me happened on Valentine's Day.
Ashleigh Howard: Oh, God.
Natalie: It was so horrible. It was Valentine's Eve. I was nine years old. Me and Mom were decorating the tree, waiting for Dad to come home from work. A couple hours went by. Dad still wasn't home. So Mom called the office and no answer. So the police began a search...
Ashleigh Howard: -And four or five days later You tried to light a fire, and you noticed the smell, the firemen came and they pulled out your dead dad. Blah, blah, blah
Pete: - Ash.
Ashleigh Howard: - Pete. That story is from Gremlins. The only reason you're telling it is because you are one. So don't feed her after midnight or she'll turn uglier.

"Greek: Multiple Choice (#1.7)" (2007)
Ashleigh: [about Travis] He's the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Calvin Owens: So you said. Five times.

"Greek: Our Fathers (#3.2)" (2009)
Ashleigh Howard: That's okay, you meant well and I kind of need my best friend back, especially since i just had my heart broken and all

"Greek: Subclass Plagiostomi (#4.8)" (2011)
Casey Cartwright: I'm sorry about all that stuff I said during our fight. But how could you think we're a college relationship? We're like Sex and the City. Yeah, I know it's a worn-out franchise, and they're not real people. But Carrie and Miranda and Charlotte and Samantha are each other's soul mates. And you'll always be mine. With or without Cappie.
Ashleigh Howard: And you'll always be my soul mate. And it's not a worn-out franchise. I even liked the second movie.
Casey Cartwright: Me, too!
Ashleigh Howard: OK, good.