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Quotes for
Cliff (Character)
from Tinseltown (1997)

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Tinseltown (1997)
Cliff: I'm special.

Cliff: You don't seem like the princess bed type to me.
Tiger: Bad marriage. She took our daughter.

Cliff: This Costume Killer does horrible, horrible things. Injects his victims with window cleaner, puts weird costumes on 'em, puts plastic bags over their heads, and asphyxiates them.
Max: No you're right, there's nothing polite about him.

Arnie: You're a sensitive guy.
Cliff: I'm fucked up.
Arnie: No, but you're sensitive.

Cliff: How was I supposed to know? Locked in the attic, tied to my grandmother. Beaten, beaten, beaten by my drunken father! Of course I'm kidding. Can't you take a joke? Don't you know when a guy's kidding?

[last lines]
Cliff: I want to thank God. For um, for not giving me the role of Gilligan. Thank you God!