Calvin Owens
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Calvin Owens (Character)
from "Greek" (2007)

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"Greek: The Rusty Nail (#1.3)" (2007)
Rusty Cartwright: I've never been on a date before.
Calvin, Dale: You haven't?
Rusty Cartwright: What? Is that so weird?
[pause, then turns to Dale]
Rusty Cartwright: Wait, Dale. You've been on a *date*?
Dale: Hey, I'm a virgin. Not a leper.

Ashleigh: Pledge, let's go shopping.
Calvin: Uh, I have a name, you know.
Ashleigh: I'm sure you do.

Calvin: So you need a date for Friday. I don't see what the big deal is.
Rusty Cartwright: For the rest of the house it isn't, girls are all they talk about.
Calvin: Oh man I am with you. I am so sick of hearing guys talk about getting laid.
Dale: Calvin, I could not agree more. I mean, when is the Greek system gonna realize that sex before marriage is like slappin' God in the face?
Calvin: [frowns] Not exactly what I meant.

"Greek: Picking Teams (#1.4)" (2007)
[Heath tackles Calvin in floor hockey]
Calvin: You can get off me now.
Heath: Right. Sorry. Call me later?

Roger Owens: What are you doing here?
Calvin: Uh, I believe that's my line. I've been in college 4 weeks, are you suffering from invasion of privacy withdrawal?

"Greek: A New Normal (#1.11)" (2008)
Dale: Gay. Homosexual. You know, I can work with that.
Calvin Owens: You can?
Dale: Oh yeah, an intensive prayer and vitamin regimen can cure that.

"Greek: Highway to the Discomfort Zone (#1.13)" (2008)
Calvin: What is she doing with him? She must like guys with personality.
Dale: I don't know. He doesn't look that hideous to me.
Calvin: Oh! So you find him attractive?
Dale: Well, his got good bone structure.
Calvin: Wait! It all makes sense!
Dale: What?
Calvin: Oh, Dale. Have you ever thought that the reason you're trying to turn me straight is because, deep down inside, you might be gay?
Dale: That's ridiculous...
Calvin: Just look at the evidence: you don't have sex with women, you like to knit, you appreciate the male form... and I've seen you run, it's a little bit squishy.
Dale: I don't like what you're implying!

"Greek: The Great Cappie (#1.12)" (2008)
Calvin Owens: I'm just considering my options, all right? I'm getting a little tired of waiting to hear from you guys.
Trent: Yeah, you're not going to. Hope you guys got plenty of cosmo mix for the fairy.
[Calvin rushes Trent and they fight while the others call out]
Calvin Owens: I don't even like cosmos, bitch!

"Greek: Multiple Choice (#1.7)" (2007)
Ashleigh: [about Travis] He's the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Calvin Owens: So you said. Five times.

"Greek: Subclass Plagiostomi (#4.8)" (2011)
Calvin Owens: You know, most people barely remember their 21st birthday. This will be one I will never forget.