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Fenix (Character)
from StarCraft: Brood War (1998) (VG)

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StarCraft (1998) (VG)
Tassadar: En Taro Adun, Executor! My gratitude to you, for having secured my release, knows no bounds. By all the gods, we may win yet! The time has come to let loose the fury of the Dark Templar. Zeratul, perhaps the time has come to tell our friends of the foe we face.
Zeratul: Indeed. When I slew the Cerebrate on Char, I touched briefly with the essence of the Overmind. In that instant, my mind was filled with its thoughts, and I tell you now our worst fears have come true
Tassadar: So you see my friends, we fight not only to save Aiur, but all creation! If we fall to the Zerg then the Overmind will run rampant throughout the stars, consuming all sentience-all life. It is up to us to put an end to this madness, once and for all.
Fenix: Our forces shall engage the primary Zerg Hive clusters in an attempt to weaken their defenses. Once their numbers have thinned out, Zeratul and his companions can infiltrate the clusters and assassinate the Cerebrates. Adun willing, the Cerebrates' deaths will distract the Overmind long enough for us to assault it directly.

Jim Raynor: [Tassadar has been imprisonned inside a stasis cell by Aldaris and the Conclave, Fenix and the Protoss Rebels attempt to rescue him] This is Raynor. I'd like to help if I can. Tassadar laid it on the line for me and my crew on Char. I'd like to repay the debt. Besides, I'm a long way from home, surrounded by hostile aliens. I've got to do something.
Fenix: Then you shall, bold human. You shall.

Fenix: All seems lost now, but still we must fight on.

Tassadar: I never believed that they would go so far. In the face of total annihilation they still cling to their failing traditions!
Fenix: Yes, and that makes them all the more dangerous.

Fenix: There is no shame in defeat so long as the spirit is unconquered.

Fenix: I fear no enemy, for the Khala is my strength! I fear not "death"! For our strength is eternal! En taro Adun!

StarCraft: Brood War (1998) (VG)
Fenix: This is a betrayal most foul, Kerrigan. We were fools to have gone along with this charade!
Kerrigan: You're right, Fenix. I used you to get the job done, and you played along just like I knew you would. You Protoss are all so headstrong and predictable. You are your own worst enemies.
Fenix: That's ironic, I can remember Tassadar teaching you a very similar lesson on Char.
Kerrigan: I took that lesson to heart, Praetor. Now, are you prepeared to die a second time?
Fenix: The Khala awaits me, Kerrigan. And although I am prepeared to face my destiny, you will not find me easy prey!
Kerrigan: Then that shall be your epitaph.