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Quotes for
Clyde (Character)
from Mean Creek (2004)

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Mean Creek (2004)
Clyde: If anything, it's a beautiful day.
George: It smells like cherry blossoms.
Millie: How do you know what cherry blossoms smell like?
George: I know what they smell like!
Rocky: Does anybody really know what a cherry blossom is?
George: Duh, it's a blossom on a cherry.
Rocky: I don't know. I thought it was a blossom all on it's own. What do you think, Marty?
Marty: I think I'm bored as fuck.

Marty: What do you guys say we play some Truth or Dare?
George: Yeah. Yeah, I love that game.
Marty: Okay, let's do it.
Millie: No, let's not. People's feelings always end up hurt when we play this game.
Sam: Yeah, she's right.
George: God, Sam and Millie are a couple of little wet pussies, aren't they?
Marty: Clyde, do you wanna start?
Clyde: I dunno. I'm kind of with Sam and Millie on this one.
George: [pointing with his finger] Pussy number one, pussy number two, pussy number three.
Millie: Go ahead, Clyde. Start the game.

George: [George takes a bite of the sandwich] Hmmm. Yum. Did you make these yourself? You'll, you'll have to give me the recipe some time.
Clyde: It's peanut butter and jelly.

George: [yelling over the truth of why the kids really brought George to the lake] You're a fuckin' lying son of a bitch, Sam! All right? And I hope you fuckin' go to hell.
Millie: Don't make things worse, George...
George: Shut the fuck up, Millie, you fucking stupid JAP cunt.
Clyde: Sit down, George, you're out of control.
George: Shut the fuck up, Clyde! You faggot! Fucking skinny butt-munching faggot. I hate you! You know that? I really do. 'Cause all you do is fuckin' prance around school talkin' about your fuckin' faggoty fairy fathers. I'll tell you what! I don't wanna hear about your fuckin' fathers and how their assholes work, all right? It makes me sick! And I - I - I fuckin' hope they fuckin' die of fag disease! Yeah.
George: And, and speaking of... dead... fathers... I just remembered why bonehead white-trash fuckin' donkey-dick Marty got so fuckin' freaked when I started talkin' about his "daddy." His Neanderthal, drunk dad put a gun in his mouth and splattered his brains all over the wall.
George: You know, I almost forgot that my mom told me that. She said, "His daddy splattered his brains all over the wall." I thought it was sad at first, but now? I like it.
George: His daddy splattered his brains. All over the wall. His daddy splattered his brains. All over the wall!...

Clyde: [on Marty's proposal to bury the body] We can't do that! It's nuts!
Marty: That's nuts? Oh, it's nuts! No, Clyde! Going to prison and getting raped every night for the rest of your cute little fucking lives is nuts!

Clyde: [Marty holds a joint in front of Clyde's face] What'd I tell you?
Marty: You don't smoke herb?
Clyde: Yeah, so get it out of my face.
Marty: Faggot.
Marty: [Clyde gives disapproving look] Clydo, I'm just fucking with you, your not a faggot, all right? Okay? Fist bump? Fist bump?
[Clyde bumps his fist]
Marty: All right zero kill.
Marty: Besides, I like your dads, Clyde, I never knew any homosexual men personally until I met them, they're not so bad.
[in mocking feminine voice]
Marty: Don't you think so Rocky?

Clyde: [crying] I'm sorry...