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Frank Mazzetti (Character)
from Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

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Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)
Frank Mazzetti: [looking at the cargo of plutonium] There's enough here to start a war!
Captain Stefan Svevo: [appearing with his men behind a stack of crates] Well that's a slight exaggeration. I'm sorry about this Captain. I had hoped that we would never meet again.
Harold Meredith: Who is that? What's he want?
Celeste Whitman: It's your basic guard variety terroist. I think he wants to kill us.
Captain Stefan Svevo: Well however accurate the second part of your statement may be, please don't confuse me with some politically... impotent bomb thrower. The truth is I came aboard this ship with a purer motive than Captain Turner: to recover a piece of property which was *already* mine.
Captain Mike Turner: You can take *whatever* you want from this ship. I'm welcome to it, but these people have come a long way, and all they want right now is get the hell out of here alive!
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: As one man says this to another...
[Svevo's men point their guns at Tex]
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: Now hold on just hear me out son.
[They lower their rifles slightly]
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: Tell you what, I'll, I'll write a check for the whole shabbang here. If you just lay down your little rifles, we'll all haul ass out of here together. What do you say?
Captain Stefan Svevo: Take a look at that open crate behind me Captain. I sincerly doubt that your friend over there reimburse me for *that*.
Captain Mike Turner: OK. Open it. Let's see.
Captain Stefan Svevo: You open that barrel Captain and we all die. And I have every reasonable hope of wanting to watch the sunset tonight.
Frank Mazzetti: [annoyed] This crap you're dishing out here, you trying to tell us you've got some kind of doomsday machine in there or something?
Captain Stefan Svevo: With the information commonly available today, any enterprising... science student could build a nuclear device.
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: Uranium?
Captain Stefan Svevo: [proudly] Plutonium. And as the American Govenment is painfully aware, this isn't the first shipment to go astray.
Dewey 'Tex' Hopkins: Ah, son? Now listen to me. If I was to tell you that I've got certain connections at the Peenee Gon...
Captain Stefan Svevo: Then I would have to tell you that my connection are more powerful than yours. I never intended to harm anyone Captain. But as you must realize... I can't let you go now.
[another explosion occurs]