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Victor Romero (Character)
from Heaven's Prisoners (1996)

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Heaven's Prisoners (1996)
[on the phone]
Victor Romero: I'm hearin' a lotta stuff I don't like to hear. Most of it's got your name on it. You still there?
Dave Robicheaux: Yeah, I'm still here.
Victor Romero: I hear you wanna cut a slice outta my ass, like I'm responsible for every crime in Louisiana. You're sayin' I'm killin' people on airplanes, in bathtubs; goin' around the Quarter tellin' people I should be lookin' over my shoulder 'fore somethin' heavy falls on me. You there?
Dave Robicheaux: I'm listenin'.
Victor Romero: So I'll tell you my deal. People I do business with are sayin' I'm too hot, like maybe I won't be 'round next year. That this cat Robicheaux is a hardtail and don't play. So you're fucking me, man.
Dave Robicheaux: Hey, Victor... I really don't give a shit about your problems. So why don't you write all this down on a postcard and maybe I'll read it if I get some free time.
[starts to hang up]
Victor Romero: There's a cello in the front room. You had a fan in your bedroom, and a telephone in your hall, 'cept I tore it out the wall for you. And while I did your old lady, you were outside hidin' in the dark.
Dave Robicheaux: [whispers] I'm gonna find you.
Victor Romero: Kiss my ass. You don't get off my back, Robicheaux, I'ma kill the kid, the whore, and that old fuck you got workin' for you. You want all that on a postcard too?