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Corbaccio (Character)
from A Night in Casablanca (1946)

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A Night in Casablanca (1946)
Corbaccio: What you need is a good bodyguard.
Ronald Kornblow: What I need is a good body. The one I've got isn't worth guarding.

Corbaccio: I be-a you bodyguard! I watch-a you like a mother watches a baby!
Ronald Kornblow: Is the mother pretty?
Corbaccio: Why?
Ronald Kornblow: Well, if she is, you watch the baby, I'll watch the mother!

Corbaccio: [Sitting down at the piano to play with the hotel's orchestra] We're gonna' play a little classical number. We're gonna' play the Second Movement from "The Beer Barrel Polka".

Corbaccio: [Bumping into an Arab street vendor selling clothing] You gotta' be careful with those guys: they take you to the cleaners.

Corbaccio: [the bottle of champagne they've just uncorked turns out to be empty] Hey, you cheap crook, that bottle's empty!
Ronald Kornblow: That's "dry" champagne!