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Uncle Willie (Character)
from The Philadelphia Story (1940)

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The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Uncle Willie: [hung over] Awww... this is one of those days that the pages of history teach us are best spent lying in bed.

C. K. Dexter Haven: [looking for the "hair of the dog"] Do you s'pose, sir, speaking of eye-openers...?
Uncle Willie: Oh, that's the first sane remark I've heard today. C'malong, Dexter, I know a formula that's said to pop the pennies off the eyelids of dead Irishmen.

C. K. Dexter Haven: Hello friends and enemies.
Uncle Willie: Young man, remove yourself!
C. K. Dexter Haven: How are you, sir?
Uncle Willie: I don't know. Get along! Get along!

Uncle Willie: Must we ride in this thing? Wouldn't we be more comfortable on pogo sticks?

Uncle Willie: [leering at Liz] Ah Ms. Embry, you're a vision of lovliness. May I offer you a cocktail? Or champagne?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Oh champagne, I've never had enough.
Uncle Willie: You will... tonight.

Uncle Willie: [watching Kittredge clumsily mount a horse] Heigh Ho Silver.

Uncle Willie: [hung over, moans as the pony cart Dinah's driving hits a bump]
Dinah Lord: What's wrong?
Uncle Willie: Oh, nothing, nothing. My head just fell off, that's all.

High Society (1956)
Tracy: Do you like my dress?
Uncle Willie: Oh yes, it's quite beautiful.
Tracy: It's awfully heavy.

Uncle Willie: My dear boy, this is the sort of day history tells us is better spent in bed.

Uncle Willie: I can't find Liz.
Dexter: I think I just saw someone wander out on to the terrace. Alone.
Uncle Willie: You don't say. The little vixen!
Dexter: Ollie ollie oxen free!
[Liz comes out of hiding]
Dexter: What's the matter? Uncle Willie giving you a little trouble?
Liz Imbrie: That man's gonna wind up a juvenile delinquent mark my words.