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Olivia 'Livvie' Locke (Character)
from "Port Charles" (1997)

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"Port Charles" (1997)
Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: For the record, Frank... I am capable of killing you.
[throws a flaming newspaper into the room]

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [Referring to her looney tunes family] The whole family tree is full of lunatics, ready to kill!

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Jack says... that you're a vampire.
Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: A vampire? How dramatic. He really said that?

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Jack, you're just jealous. Caleb loves me with a passion you just could never understand.
Jack Ramsey: Or, it's more like the rest of us sees it... one psychopath finding another psychopath.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Who in their right mind would help us?
Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay: Are you saying we're not well liked?

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [to Rafe, referring to Alison] Oh, she's just throwing another one of her drama queen fits.
Alison: Oh, please! I'm a drama queen? You're the definition of it.
Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: Oh, I'm just an amateur compared to you.

Alison: It's really pretty. Where did you get it?
Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: That's none of your business, bitch.

Alison: [Alison and Livvie switched personalities because of a wish made with Caleb's magic ring] Admit that you are trying to get Rafe back into your bed.
Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: That's not true, I love Caleb.
Alison: Oh, I'm sure you do, don't you? And I bet your love is just as bright as the sun, and as deep and wide as the ocean, and as fluffy as a little lamb, and blah, blah, blah... if I was a diabetic, I just might keel over.

Olivia 'Livvie' Locke: [Referring to her crazy family] The whole family tree is full of lunatics, ready to kill!