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Buddha (Character)
from Little Buddha (1993)

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Little Buddha (1993)
Siddhartha: [speaking to Mara] You are pure illusion, you do not exist. The earth is my witness.

Narrator: [as Siddhartha lounges around one of his luxurious palaces] The King had given Siddhartha three palaces: one for winter, one for the rainy season, and one for summer. In this way he hoped to shield his son from all knowledge of pain or worry. But then, one day, Siddhartha heard a mysterious song of haunting beauty. At first he couldn't understand where it was coming from. The song was in a language he had never heard before. What was it saying? What did it mean?
Siddhartha: [Siddhartha goes to investigate, whereupon he discovers an unfamiliar woman singing this hauntingly beautiful song] What is this song?
Yasodhara: It is from a faraway land, my Lord. It evokes the beauties of the country she knew as a child. The mountains, and the lakes that she can never forget.
Siddhartha: How strange. Do such places exist? Places as beautiful as here?
Yasodhara: I've heard that only suffering lies beyond these walls.
Siddhartha: What do you mean, "suffering"?
Yasodhara: Your father loves you very much. He has given us everything we could want. There is no need to go anywhere else when you have such beauty around you.
Siddhartha: It is true. We have everything, and everything is perfect. So... what is this feeling I have? If the world is so beautiful, why have I never seen it? I've not even seen my own city! I must see the world, Yasodhara!... with my own eyes.

Siddhartha: [after mulling over the words he overheard from the old musician] The path to enlightenment is in the middle way. It is the line between all opposite extremes.

Siddhartha: Why have you lied to me about the existence of suffering, sickness, poverty, old age, and death?
King Suddhodhana: If I've lied to you, Siddhartha, it has been because I love you.
Siddhartha: Your love has become a prison.

Siddhartha: To learn is to change. The path of enlightenment is in the middle way. It is the line between all opposite extremes.

Siddhartha: [his first sentence as a child] I have been born to reach Enlightenment and free all creatures from suffering.

"The Simpsons: She Used to Be My Girl (#16.4)" (2004)
Chloe Talbot: [bangs on car trunk] Lisa! What are you doing in there?
Lisa Simpson: Praying to Buddha... Jesus... SpongeBob - There's no time to be picky!
[Pan up to heaven, where Buddha, Jesus, and SpongeBob are watching]
Buddha: Perhaps we should help.
SpongeBob: Screw her!
[laughs maniacally]