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Marina (Character)
from "Last of the Summer Wine" (1973)

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"Last of the Summer Wine: Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis? (#27.3)" (2006)
[last lines]
Marina: Talk to me, Howard. What's going through that thoughtful little head?
Howard: Well, I've been meaning to ask you something.
Marina: Yes? Yes?
Howard: Do you think you could ever learn to become really fond of broad beans?

Marina: Have you ever tried a dating agency?
Miss Davenport: I did once. It was all computerized. I think they sent me a virus.

"Last of the Summer Wine: Hermione (the short course) (#26.4)" (2005)
Marina: [about Smiler] He needs the attentions of a good woman.
Tom: A bad one might be quicker.

"Last of the Summer Wine: The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager (#26.8)" (2005)
[last lines]
Marina: Oh, Ronald. If you're into crocodiles, please spare a thought for someone who wouldn't mind sharing your interest, as long as it was in the form of a handbag and a nice pair of shoes.

"Last of the Summer Wine: An Apple a Day (#25.6)" (2004)
[last lines]
Howard: I'm so sorry we got interrupted and didn't get lunch.
Marina: Not to worry, Howard. I've got two apples.

"Last of the Summer Wine: Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group? (#26.5)" (2005)
[first lines]
Marina: [Marina sits on an empty bench] Miss Davenport's starting this poetry group, Howard.
Howard: [sticks his head out of the hedge] I can't join a poetry group. I'm more your man of action.
Marina: At least we could be seen together. You wouldn't have to hide in the bushes.
[Howard sees Vicar approaching and disappears into the hedge]
Vicar: Good morning, Marina. Good morning, Howard.

"Last of the Summer Wine: Ancient Eastern Wisdom - An Introduction (#24.3)" (2003)
[last lines]
Marina: I thought El Lobo was the smiling bandito.

"Last of the Summer Wine: Beware the Vanilla Slice (#20.7)" (1999)
Marina: [pointing at a plate stacked with pastries on Ivy's cafe counter] I'd like two of your delicious vanilla slices to take away.
[Ivy approaches with tongs and a paper sack]
Marina: Could you put them in a box?
Ivy: [annoyed] A box? Where do you think you are - Harrods?

"Last of the Summer Wine: Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those (#19.4)" (1998)
[last lines]
Marina: [admiring Wesley's latest invention] Oh, Howard, we should get one of those!
Howard: I wonder if passing the test would be very difficult.

"Last of the Summer Wine: The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery (#22.3)" (2001)
[last lines]
Marina: Howard! What are you doing among that woman?

"Last of the Summer Wine: Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies' Elastic Stockings? (#9.1)" (1987)
Marina: Howard.
Howard: Yes, love.
Marina: Can I ask you something?
Howard: Anything, pet.
Marina: Why does Norman Clegg buy ladies' elastic stockings?