Aleksandr Nevsky
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Aleksandr Nevsky (Character)
from Alexander Nevsky (1938)

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Alexander Nevsky (1938)
Alexandr Nevsky: Go tell all in foreign lands that Russia lives! Those who come to us in peace will be welcome as a guest. But those who come to us sword in hand will die by the sword! On that Russia stands and forever will we stand!

Alexandr Nevsky: The Strength of a sword is measured by the arm that wields it!

Alexandr Nevsky: [to the dead Domash] I won't let those dogs set one foot on Russian soil!

Vasili Buslai: [sulkily because Alexander has previously scolded him] Who will command the vanguard?
Alexandr Nevsky: You will! You ran all night, now by day you'll make a stand!

Alexandr Nevsky: [to the Mongol Envoy] We have a saying: it's better to die for your country than to leave it.

Alexandr Nevsky: [to Buslai, angrily] If you can't fight on foreign soil, you have no right to fight on your own!

Novgorod Merchant: [after Alexander has come to Novgorod] Go back to your Pereyaslavl! We don't want war!
Anani - a Monk: And we have no love for you!
Alexandr Nevsky: [to both of them] I haven't come to Novgorod as a lover, but as a military commander!
Mikula: [to both the merchant and Anani] If you rich folks don't follow him willingly, then the peasants will break every bone in your bodies!