Dr. Clitterhouse
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Dr. Clitterhouse (Character)
from The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938)

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The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938)
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Crime and research.

Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Now, just relax, counselor. Nothing to be jittery about.
Grant: My dear boy, I've had over a hundred clients face the electric chair. I've never been jittery.
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: But your clients were.

Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: [after shining a flashlight in Rock's eyes] Nothing to be afraid of - just an accident.
'Rocks' Valentine: [Angrily] Don't let no more accidents happen! I ain't no guy you can push around like these other dopes!

Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: [to Jo as he rolls craps] I was doing rather nicely until you came in. What's that platitude about dice and women? It's possible that my luck has switched from the dice to you.
[Obseving her dour reaction]
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Oh, my mistake. My luck could still be with the dice.

Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: The greatest crime of all!
'Rocks' Valentine: What's that?
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Why, homicide naturally.

Okay: Hey, where did you learn about all these things?
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: In school. In a university.
Okay: Oh, a university?
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Yes.
Okay: I got a brother in a university.
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Well, indeed? Well, I must add that to your case history. Which university?
Okay: Let me see. What's the name of that joint? Havard!
Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse: Harvard? Really? What does your brother do there?
Okay: He's preserved in alcohol. He's got two heads.