Mr. Weenie
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Mr. Weenie (Character)
from Open Season (2006)

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Open Season (2006)
Reilly: It's a pet! He'll give us away!
Mr. Weenie: I've been living a lie!
[Tears off his sweater]
Mr. Weenie: Take me with you!

Mr. Weenie: I've been living a lie!

Bobbie: Alright, Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go take a dip.
Mr. Weenie: Good. Mama's getting kind of gamey.

Open Season 2 (2008) (V)
Elliot: Weenie. When did you get here?
Mr. Weenie: Don't you see. Boog, McSquizzy, Giselle. They'll all be torn to pieces.
Elliot: Torn to "pizzas"?
Mr. Weenie: Pieces, you strudelkopf.

Mr. Weenie: [after realizing Boog has tricked him] I can't believe I fell for that! I must never be weak again! You don't know what it was like living with the humans! If they say sit, you sit. If they say fetch, you fetch! You must stay alert, or they will steal our freedom and lock us up forever and ever!

Mr. Weenie: Where are the others?
Elliot: Oh, they're rescuing Mr. Weenie and Buddy. Hey, Buddy.

Boog & Elliot's Midnight Bun Run (2006) (V)
[first lines]
Rosie: Bob, keep your hands off Mama's warm buns. They still need to cool. You stay put, Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go skinny dipping.
Mr. Weenie: There's nothing skinny about Mama.

[last lines]
Mr. Weenie: You are so busted.
Boog: Tell me about it.