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Toinette (Character)
from Molière (2007)

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"Wishbone: The Canine Cure (#1.21)" (1995)
Wishbone: [as Argan, gruffly] It's about time! I could've died twice in the time it took you to get here!
Toinette: Master, I came running as fast as I can. When was the last time you got up and ran?
Wishbone: It's 8:29, time for my 17th pill! Bring me some water, you fool, and take care not to spill!
Toinette: Again, Master Argan? You just had your last.
Wishbone: You dolt! You moron! I'm dying! Make it fast! My heart's palpitating! I've got a stitch!
Toinette: All you've got is money; you're making poor doctors rich.

Wishbone: Bring me my daughter!
Toinette: Your daughter?
Wishbone: My daughter! I mean Angelique! Go get her!
Toinette: I'm going, you crusty antique!
Wishbone: Oh! I shouldn't be running! Oh! If I'd caught her I'd sock her. Ouch! I need an injection, better call the doctor.

Toinette: Let me ask you one simple thing.
Wishbone: [as Argan] I am, go ahead!
Toinette: Master, I hate to bring this up but, are you REALLY sick?
Wishbone: Am I really sick? Are you dumb, dense or thick? Look at me, Toinette! I'm as sick as a dog! My stomach's a mess and my head's in a fog! I can barely stand up, I can hardly move!
Toinette: So nothing I say can change you or prove that you are wrong. But if you're really ill, go see a doctor and then pay the bill.

Wishbone: [as Argan] Where is my daughter? I need her right now.
Toinette: She waits in the hall, so don't have a cow.

Toinette: I won't let you do it.
Wishbone: Won't let me? My servant, you just blew it!