Reluctant Dragon
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Reluctant Dragon (Character)
from The Reluctant Dragon (1941/I)

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The Reluctant Dragon (1941/I)
The Dragon: You've got to be mad to breathe fire, but I'm not mad at anybody.
The Boy: But try real hard. Concentrate.
[the dragon tries, but all he can muster is a puny smoke ring]
The Dragon: Not very good, is it?
The Boy: Nope. Too bad you're not a real dragon, instead of a punk poet.
The Dragon: [Angry] "Punk poet"?
[Now fire is coming out of his mouth]
The Dragon: Ooh, say that again.
The Boy: Punk poet.
The Dragon: Again.
The Boy: Punk poet.
The Dragon: Again.
The Boy: Punk poet.
The Dragon: [Delighted] Ooh, I'm mad! I'm mad! I'm mad!
The Boy: Punk poet! Punk poet! Punk poet!

Sir Giles: Uh, the time has come, you know.
The Dragon: [clapping excitedly] You mean... I die now?
Sir Giles: Oh yes indeed. As per-agreed, we'll seal our pact, old thing.
[placing the lance under the Dragon's arm]
Sir Giles: Take that!

The Dragon: Sweet little upside-down cake / Cares and woes, you've got'em / Poor little upside-down cake / Your top is on your bottom / Alas, little upside-down cake / Your troubles never stop / Because, little upside-down cake / Your bottom's on your top.

The Boy: Do you mind if I recite a poem?
The Dragon: You, boy? Why, well, oh, not at all!
Sir Giles: Oh, of course, of course. Rather, rather!
The Boy: 'Tis evening / From the stars above / A soft mysterious light / Brings thoughts of friendship, joy and love.
The Boy: Now how 'bout that fight?

The Dragon: Well, that's splendid!

The Boy: Have you had any nice battles lately?
The Dragon: Battles? Oh, no, no, no battles. No.
The Boy: Oh. Oh, probably too busy scourging the countryside and devouring fair damsels, then.
The Dragon: Scourging? Devouring? Good heavens, no.
The Boy: But don't you ever do anything desperate?
The Dragon: Well, yes, I... I do make up poetry.
The Boy: Poetry?
The Dragon: Verses, you know? Care to hear my latest sonnet?
The Boy: Well, I...
The Dragon: Oh, you'll love this. I call it, "Just A-Drifting".
The Dragon: Just a-drifting o'er the leaves/Like a dewdrop, fancy free,/Playing with the gentle breezes,/Romping with the bumble beezes./Oh, what fun! Joy never ceases,/Just a-drifting.