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Mortimer Mouse (Character)
from "House of Mouse" (2001)

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"House of Mouse: The Mouse Who Came to Dinner (#2.4)" (2001)
Mortimer Mouse: I'll show you some real comedy!
Mickey: Oh, really, I didn't know they made a film about your last date, Mortimer?
Mortimer Mouse: [sarcastically] Hardy-Har-Har.

Mortimer Mouse: Say, Cindy. You lookin' for a shoe?
[takes off one of his shoes]
Mortimer Mouse: I got one your size.
[Cinderella glares at him; Mortimer sees two menus and uses them as ears]
Mortimer Mouse: Look at me!
[starts flapping the menus]
Mortimer Mouse: I'm Dumbo! Ha!
[Dumbo and Timothy glare at him]

"House of Mouse: Clarabelle's Big Secret (#2.3)" (2001)
Mortimer Mouse: Ah, can it. Your news is older than Rafiki.
Timon: Ooh hoo ha! Older than Rafiki! Ha ha ha!
[Gets clubbed on the head by Rafiki]
Clarabelle Cow: Uh... I have other big news.
Mortimer Mouse: What? That Snow White is the farest of them all?
Timon: He he he!
[Gets clubbed on the head by the Wicked Queen]

"House of Mouse: Ladies' Night (#2.10)" (2002)
Mortimer Mouse: I'd like to show you a whole new world... Planet Mortimer!