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Quotes for
Derek Bentley (Character)
from Let Him Have It (1991)

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Let Him Have It (1991)
Derek Bentley: You soft or something?
Chris Craig: [points gun at Derek's face] Is that soft?

William Bentley: Have you been with that Craig?
Derek Bentley: Did he come round here?
William Bentley: Yeah.
Derek Bentley: Don't worry about him, dad, he's just barmy that's all.

Derek Bentley: I went National Service Medical yesterday.
Chris Craig: Yeah?
Derek Bentley: They said I was sub normal.
Chris Craig: You ain't sub normal, Del- you ain't normal, but you ain't sub normal.

Chris Craig: [pointing gun at Derek] Hands up buster! Against the wall!
Derek Bentley: You cheeky little bleeder!
Chris Craig: What's the matter Derek? Can't take a joke?

Iris Bentley: [giving Derek heavy shopping bags] Come on muscle man, lets see what you're made of!
Chris Craig: Very cosy, Derek!
Iris Bentley: Go away Craig.
Chris Craig: I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to your fucking brother.
Derek Bentley: Don't you talk to her like that.
Iris Bentley: Derek, lets go.
Chris Craig: Is that what you've been doing? Keeping away from me so you can play happy bloody families?
Derek Bentley: Chris, mind your own business; I'll see you when I want to.
Iris Bentley: My brother don't wanna go round with you no more.
Chris Craig: Well, Del?
Derek Bentley: Look, fuck off!
Chris Craig: [getting on bus] You're a useless bastard! And a FUCKING traitor!

Derek Bentley: What's up?
Chris Craig: Bogies. They've come for us.
Derek Bentley: My dad's gonna kill me.

Derek Bentley: Let him have it, Chris!