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James Schofield (Character)
from "Hotel Babylon" (2006)

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"Hotel Babylon: Episode #2.6" (2007)
James Schofield: So Rebecca, should I tell the chef to expect you downstairs?
Rebecca Mitchell: I'm sorry?
James Schofield: You will be cooking the dinner I presume?
Rebecca Mitchell: I will?
James Schofield: Isn't that what all the managers are doing these days
[Charlie grins as others mutter agreement]
Rebecca Mitchell: Oh, right. Um, no, I mean yes, yes absolutely... and Charlie can be my sous chef
Charlie Edwards: [face drops] I can?
Rebecca Mitchell: Yes, you can
Charlie Edwards: An afternoon in the kitchens... what a treat.

James Schofield: Every year I'm a bloody pixie! Why can't I be Santa?
Gino Primirola: Because Santa has to be happy, and you are moody bastard
James Schofield: Says who
Gino Primirola: Everyone!
[others agree]

"Hotel Babylon: Episode #1.4" (2006)
James Schofield: [referring to a couple of competition winners who are sitting in the bar eating free snacks] Two glasses of cheap house white, three bowls of free crisps and two bowls of spicy nut muxture, unbelieveable!
Gino Primirola: These people are poor James, they were not born with the silver spoon of the Queen in the mouth.
James Schofield: If they can't afford to be here Gino then they shouldn't be here at all!
Gino Primirola: You do not know what it is like to suffer do you? Me I am from humble beginnings, from the slums of Rome.
James Schofield: What's the betting they don't want to eat in-house?
Gino Primirola: These people cannot afford to eat in this house, but they would love to!
James Schofield: These people want something for nothing Gino, and I can assure you, they are not going to get away with it!
[lifts menus and starts heading towards couple]
James Schofield: Sir, Madam, if you would like to come with me, your table's ready.